The Trouble With Customers And 3 Good Solutions

by Mehdi BAH

The Trouble With Customers It’s one of the common thing to have a fantastic marketing or advertising idea. It’s quite another thing to get it seen by the people you want to see it. One of the biggest problems advertisers face these days is breaking through the clutter in a way that resonates with the target audience. Yes, it’s possible to be seen, but if you do it in the wrong way you could end up annoying your potential customers, losing a sale for life.

On the other hand, if you play nice and keep a low profile, no one will ever see the compelling message you and your team have carefully crafted. It’s a fine line to walk; get noticed, but don’t get them angry.

3 Tips To avoid Trouble with Customers:

Here is some advice you should heed to make sure your messages always connect. Remember, the number one job of any advert is to get noticed. After that, the persuasion begins, and if you started off on the wrong foot, you’ve just made your job that much harder.

avoid trouble with customers

1- Do What You Want :

It’s Easy To Get People To Do What You Want, If You Know This One Fact.Advertising agencies across the world have this one problem in common; they are tasked by their clients to change the beliefs of consumers. And that is an almost impossible hill to climb. But changing behavior, that’s relatively easy in comparison. Unfortunately, the lines between the two are blurred and many creatives, planners and strategists try to launch a campaign hell-bent on changing beliefs. This is almost certainly doomed to failure.Read the complete article here.

Why You Cannot Predict What Consumers Will DoIt’s interesting to see and hear people talk about predicting consumer behavior.

You have to care about tour agents too : 3 of the Most Important Qualities to Look for a Talent Agent

Time after time, research agencies will throw “facts” at the agency, which are really just best guesses. And time after time, the general public will react in a completely different way.Read the complete article here.

2- Shock Tactics :

Shock Tactics Are Not Going To Convince People To Drive SoberAd agencies around the world love getting government accounts; especially something as powerful as drinking and driving, which is filled with emotion, hard facts, and some very shocking imagery.

However, advertising is known to do one thing very well – exaggerating the benefit. In this case, advertising is taking something very important and amplifying it. Yes, many people every year die as a result of drinking and driving, so the agencies focus on that. Or, people could pay a big fine, so they go in that direction.Read the complete article here.

No one want this but : Are You Ready to Sell Your Business?

3- Get Your Type Of Customers :

How To Get away of trouble with Customers, And Then Retain Them. There are two main ways to speak to customers. The first is acquisition. Everything done to bring a customer to the fold, be it a new product or service, or even a free trial, is done under the acquisition umbrella. From the little samples you hand out in grocery stores, to full-blown billboards and multi-million dollar TV campaigns, this is where you spend money and get a customer.

The other side of the coin is retention. This is the marketing and advertising you do to keep customers. It can be freebies, events, mailing packs, phone calls or simply letting them skip a month on their mortgage or car payment.

Both are equally important. And if you follow the advice in the following articles, you will be well on your way to attracting new customers, and keeping them around. Read the complete article here.

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What Bait-And-Switch Advertising Means to You and Your Customers You may have heard the phrase “bait-and-switch” many times in your career. It’s something consumers throw out there often, and most of the time they really don’t understand the true ramifications of bait-and-switch advertising. When advertisers use deceptive bait-and-switch advertising in its true form, they can be prosecuted. The practice is illegal and carries stiff penalties. But quite often, the consumer confuses this practice with something more akin to a printing error or misunderstanding of the term.

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