Target Group Importance and 4 Tips To Success Targeting

by Mehdi BAH

What is a Target Group?

The target group is defined as a group of people that an advertiser or company would like to reach with its marketing measures in order to sell products or services to you. The group consists of potential future customers and consumers and is unlimited in the number of members. It is important that the characters within a target group are as homogeneous as possible so that they can be targeted through marketing campaigns and the least possible wastage is guaranteed.

a targeted group example is If you are an expert in showing others how to market their content well or make it more visible, then you could concentrate on a specific target group. Bloggers, for example. And that’s the only target group that you should focus on.

Why is Defining a Target Group Important?

A clean target group definition offers an unbelievable number of advantages, You can set up a very targeted and efficient marketing and know exactly where and how you can make your customers happy. There are significantly fewer scatter effects and a uniform customer approach increases the efficiency of the measures chosen. 

Ultimately, the low effort of defining a targeted group can save a lot of money at the end of the day because the right people are addressed with the right content via the relevant channels. This increases your conversion rate meaning increase the chance that a person addressed will also become a customer.

Moreover, Focusing on one group will automatically attract other groups of people as well. But this one targeted group will feel at home with you. When addressing your content, the targeted group will think like “Hey, this is made for me”.

Remember: The right connection. It is so important. And that’s how you become successful. and briefly a target group is a group of people that your product/service satisfy.

Prerequisite Before Defining The Target Group

Before starting with the precise definition of a target group (Focus Group), it is necessary to find out which requirements the offer you have (service/Product) can or would like to meet at all with any specific group. Therefore, you should ask yourself:

  • What the company stands for?
  • What is special about the offer?
  • Which areas there are already empirical values?
  • What benefits customers have from the offer?

Only when these questions have been clarified does it make sense to devote yourself to the define a target group.

Tips To Success Group Targeting

1. Target Group Criteria

On the one hand, demographic data such as age, gender, occupation or education and disposable income are relevant for the definition of the focus group. Other characteristics such as consumer behavior, usage behavior with regard to the Internet and technology, the social environment and similar data are usually even more important, but also more difficult to determine. These help in particular to understand the wishes and needs of the targeted group and to address them in a targeted manner.

2. Rough Definition is Not Enough

With my website I want to address female people between the ages of 25 and 35 who live in the hunchbacked world and are interested in XY” can be viewed as a target group definition, but in most cases this is not enough to achieve the desired result to achieve. This rather superficial definition of the target group helps to narrow down a certain group of people, but it does not tell how the target group ticks.

Checklist To Define Your Target Group

  • Who are these people (What characteristics do they have?)
  • What does the social environment look like?
  • What values ​​are important to you? (Vegan diet, environmental protection, healthy lifestyle, religions, etc …)
  • What is the current marital status?
  • Where do you live? (Country, city, continent, …)
  • What training did you enjoy? (Secondary school, Matura, studies, etc.)
  • What professional requirements do you have? (Worker, clerk, executive)
  • Which income group do they fall into?
  • What are the interests of people who are interested in your offer? (Hobby, fashion style, likes to cook, play golf, etc.)

3. Persona Profiles

To better empathize with the target group, so-called persona profiles are often created. These are fictitious people who represent the target group. The persona is created on the basis of the target group already defined and the information available to it, with the focus being on topics relevant to the planned offer. It is important to put yourself as well as possible in the person and to understand their wishes, needs and problems. The better this works, the sooner the offer can be adapted to it.

Checklist To Create Persona Profiles

To better Create a persona profile imagine exactly what a person looks like who should use your offer. Imagine that particular person, and this a combination to ask yourself while creating the persona:

  • Is this person male or female?
  • Is it a mother, a father or does this person live alone?
  • Is she younger or older?
  • Do you prefer cycling or driving?
  • Does she like to eat meat or is she vegan?
  • Do you prefer reading the newspaper or an online portal?

4. Define Keywords

In order for your relevant target group to find your website later, you need to find out what they are looking for on the Internet. A keyword analysis is used to determine the most common search queries that are made by the target group. This determines for whom and with what topic content should be written in order to create an added value.


Defining exactly who you want to address with your offer is essential when planning your website/business. The more precisely you define your target group and the better you know about it, the more specifically you can respond to your wishes and needs and thus create added value for the target group.

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