6 Psychological Motivation Tricks That Work On Anyone

by Mehdi BAH

Motivation is a big issue for everyone, When it comes to achieving goals. Bosses and companies want their employees to be barely able to stay on the office chairs with energy and to motivate themselves to jump into every task. Employees have the desire to find work enjoyable and to be on the way to work every day. Even in the private sphere, everyone is looking for motivation. Whatever we start, we want to stand behind it, get involved. Regardless of whether it is a job, hobby, sport, volunteering or starting your own business, Motivation is a fundamental success factor, without which it is simply not possible.

No time for work! Even people who work in companies where employees are valued know the feeling. But there are ways out: These strategies can be used to overcome a problem.

In the best companies, people don’t feel like working. Even if new employees rush to work with enthusiasm – the vigor all too often diminishes over time.
But hiding is no use if the boss, colleague or customer is waiting. Somehow it has to work, so eyes shut and through. Or, motivate yourself! With these tricks.

Six Motivation Tricks:

6 Psychological Motivation Tricks That Work On Any One

1-Promise Reward

If the working day is as tough as chewing gum and there is no highlight insight, it helps to take care of it yourself, says Manuel Tusch, psychologist and coach from Cologne. “If you have survived the day, offer yourself a reward.”

Everyone has to find out for themselves what that can be. In the best case, something takes place after work that you can look forward to. You can work towards this emotionally all day

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2-Take Small Steps

If the low is large, but the daily workload has not yet been completed, it helps to take small stages, says Lea Vogel, a coach from Berlin. “Don’t think about the entire daily output, but in small work packages.” Specifically, this means setting the next goal and working on it for 90 minutes. “Then take a 15-minute break afterward.”

The trick behind it is the small milestones always lead to moments of success, and the way to the daily workload is easier.

3- The 5-Minute Rule

Sometimes certain tasks cause hangers. Those you just don’t feel like doing – maybe because they’re exhausting, difficult, or particularly boring.

Steffen Kirchner recommends tackling these unpleasant tasks with the 5-minute Rule, which means “Commit yourself to spend exactly five minutes today to tackle the unpopular task.”

After five minutes, the discomfort is still very great, be it okay to stop again. and If the negative feeling is reduced, go on.

The trick behind the 5-minute rule is that Most people find it difficult to overcome the negative feelings. Once things are going well, a lot is only half as bad. This exercise often results in pride because you have finally overcome your negative feelings.

4-Don’t Let It Pause

All moaning is of no use, The stack of files still has to go today? Then only helps: eyes closed and through. it is recommended to work undisturbed during annoying compulsory tasks. The following then applies telephone and emails off, the door closed and pulling through!

“When it comes to annoying and unpleasant activities, it is important to stay on the ball, because the more often we are interrupted by something, the harder it is for us to start again.”

5-Looking For Sweepers

When the motivation is right in the basement and nothing works anymore, external input often helps, it’s recommended to “Look for the company of people who can carry their energy away”

Ideally, they are colleagues who encourage and show that everything is only half as wild. When the first inhibition is overcome, motivation flows again and you can achieve much more than you previously thought.

6-Put Relations

A tunnel view often ensures that we dig our motivation holes. Therefore, looking outside the box. “How many people are there who don’t have a job at all, who are bullied or engaged in jobs that none of us want?”

Realizing what you have achieved yourself and at what level you complain helps to view the work more relaxed and positive.

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