Overcoming Rejection: You’re Strong Enough to Do It!

by Mehdi BAH

Rejection as an actor can really hurt, and it’s not easy to deal with. overcoming rejection is extremely an important aspect of a successful acting career.

You are a strong individual, and you can absolutely overcome feelings of rejection. I am certain that you’re stronger than you may give yourself credit for!  Sometimes, we simply need to remind each other of our own strength.

Rejection Causes

While on-set of a commercial recently, a group of fellow actors and I discussed some of the struggles that actors face on a regular basis.  Rejection was the main topic that we talked about, and how it is a constant and difficult part of an actor’s life.  We also talked about how it affects us all differently.

One of the actors in this group told of a romantic relationship which ended only just recently.  (Talk about rejection!)  This actor explained that dealing with the difficult rejection that comes with an acting career seemed much more intimidating, now that he is single again.

 He said that he felt that handling rejection as an actor was much easier for him to conquer when he knew he would have his significant other there to lean on, and when he had someone there to remind him that he is doing a good job.

He went on to explain that he had attended a “casting director workshop” after his break-up and felt very upset by some feedback that he received.  He clearly was experiencing lots of feelings of rejection.

 And on top of it all, he now questioned his ability to keep moving forward – on his own – without the support of his ex.

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Rejection: You’re Not Alone!  

It is completely understandable why my actor friend would question his strength and ability to keep moving forward on his own.  Rejection in all forms is tough, even for the strongest of us.

 Feeling like you’re alone while going through these feelings is even worse!

Actor friends, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone.  One of the many reasons why I love actors is that we are compassionate toward each other.  We support one another.  We have an incredible community of artists, and we all experience the same feelings at times.

 In the case mentioned in this article, each and every actor listening to the above-mentioned story chimed in to express their support and understanding of the situation.

 We also reminded our friend that, while we all supported him, it’s even more important for him to recognize his own strength!  For example, simply by attending his casting director workshop after his break-up, he was putting himself out there, all on his own, knowing the risk of feeling more “rejection.”  He proved that he absolutely can keep moving forward, even in the hardest of times!     

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Overcoming Rejection: You’re Doing It!

Every single day actors put themselves and their work out there, and often we are critiqued harshly by others.  And as we can see from the example from our actor friend above, actors are faced with rejection of many forms.  Constantly remind yourself that you are pushing through it.

 Rejection hurts, but it doesn’t have to define you, and it certainly should never stop you.  Recognize your own power and your courageousness; this will allow you to handle anything that comes your way.  By simply getting up, moving forward, even when you’re feeling low, you’re proving that you won’t be stopped. You are strong enough to do anything, actor friends!  Anything is possible, and your dreams are absolutely attainable if you never give up.

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