How You Can Make Money With Instagram Account?

by Mehdi BAH

Instagram has been growing steadily since its launch in October 2010 and is increasingly becoming a marketing tool for companies. According to studies, 53% of all companies planned to use Instagram as an advertising space in 2016 alone. The investment volume is high. Fashion companies alone have invested over $1 billion on Instagram in recent years. Many of the more than 600 million Instagram users benefit from these advertising billions.

But how can ordinary users make money with Instagram, when does a business have to be registered and what should be considered when starting a new account?

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform on which users publish pictures. These pictures are then provided with comments and hashtags so that they can be found by other users. These users then have the option of adding a like or comment to the images and then sharing them. There is also the possibility to subscribe to other accounts and thus always be up to date on the activities of certain users. The entire portal has a much higher interactivity rate than Twitter or Facebook and this is precisely the point that is so interesting for companies as well as for the self-employed.

Why Is Instagram So Popular?

On Instagram, more than 60 million pictures are uploaded and given likes every day. The platform is so popular because everyone can use it. The pictures can be edited and uploaded quickly with Instagram and the quality of the pictures is mostly excellent due to the constantly improving cameras in smartphones.

Stars and asterisks can keep their fans up-to-date about their life or eating habits and inform the community about current projects or dates. Fashion bloggers can use the platform to initiate their followers into the latest trends, and food bloggers can use Instagram to show their creations to the whole world. Instagram is also very popular with photographers who can make their portfolio accessible to the public.

Instagram is also an opportunity for the self-employed or coaches, who now have a free platform to market themselves and their products, and Instagram is also becoming increasingly popular with the older generation of 55+ thanks to its ease of use.

We show you how to make money with Instagram below:

How You Can Make Money With Instagram?

There are several ways to make money with Instagram. The core factor for success, however, is reached and that means Instagram followers. The more people follow you, the more attractive the account will also be for companies who are then ready to use the account for advertising.

Earn Money With Instagram As An Artist

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The easiest way to make money with Instagram is to sell pictures. However, this is also the most demanding option since the market is large and the images have to be of outstanding quality. For example, photographers can present their portfolio on Instagram and link directly to their website, where customers can then buy the pictures. In addition, there are now many apps and platforms such as, which, against a commission, specializing in the sale and delivery of images. prints the pictures on greeting cards, cell phone covers or XL posters. The artist himself has little effort and does not have to worry about the logistics and handling of the sales transactions.

Earn Money With Instagram By Advertising

If you want to make money with Instagram, you can also use your account as an advertising channel. You, therefore, have yourself paid to advertise certain products on your account. However, your account will only be interesting for companies if you have enough followers.

In German-speaking countries, you can earn 100 euros per picture for every 10,000 followers. In the United States, where Instagram is used far more, users with a few hundred thousand subscribers achieve $ 500 to $ 5,000 per image. More followers mean more money, so accounts with 6 million subscribers or more get earnings of $ 20,000 to $ 100,000 per ad.

To make money with advertising, you can either do product placements or use affiliate links. Here you photograph a specific product of a company and then link and tag it in the comment field. In the Affiliate Marketing area, there are no special tools for this purpose such as Share Pop or OG Ads. If a visitor clicks on the posted link, a commission is automatically transferred to the account holder.

You can also write directly to companies whose products you want to present or test and inform them about your project. If your account is interesting for the company, it is quite common for the company to send you the desired product for free. Also, offers of cooperation are becoming increasingly popular in this context.

How Do I Create The Perfect Profile?

If you want to make money with Instagram and run it commercially, you need a perfect profile. This begins with a memorable user name that is not only easy to pronounce but also has a high recognition value and allows conclusions to be drawn about the topic of the profile. This user name should subsequently be used throughout all other social media, such as Twitter or Facebook. You can also store more information about your account in Instagram’s Bio. This is also a good place to post links to other channels or your blog.

As is common in social media, Instagram is also about gaining sympathy to expand your community and increase click rates. This can be achieved by cooperating with other users who are working on the same topic. The Liken and comment on images to other profiles are just as essential as the responses to comments in their profile. Instagram is increasingly using so-called shootouts, i.e. advertising foreign accounts in its portfolio.

Besides, the account must be kept up to date and new images must fit into the profile. To keep subscribers’ interest high, it is advisable to publish at least 4 to 10 new pictures a week.


To establish your brand, you need high-quality content and beautiful pictures that match the chosen topic and create a recognition value. This is the only way to increase your range. The correct use of hashtags (#) is also important. Up to 30 different hashtags can be set per image and users who want to use Instagram commercially are well-advised to take advantage of this number.

Purchased Subscribers

Some companies not only offer their customers the opportunity to buy followers but also tools that automatically like and comment on images. This option is explicitly discouraged at this point. If Instagram notices the fraud, the account is blocked and the work and time invested were wasted.

When do I Have To Register A Business For Instagram?

You are a trader if you have a profit intention and there is also a repetition intention. As a blogger, you are usually not a freelancer, but a trader. By using Adsense or affiliate links in addition to Instagram posts, you express a clear profit intention and have to register a business.

How Do I Register A Business?

To register a new business, go to your local trade office and register there. All you need is an identity card. The cost of registering a business is between 20 and 30 euros depending on the federal state.

When registering, you must state the name of your job, which should not be too narrow. A good name is, for example, services on the Internet. Other possible job titles that are suitable for Instagram are also Internet advertising or online marketing. With these names, you leave yourself further possibilities to generate money from other sources on the Internet in the future.

Persons under the age of 18 also need authorization from the legal representative and approval from the Guardianship Court.


Instagram is a very good way to advertise your activities on the Internet. Even people who do not have their own company can make money relatively easily with Instagram by using advertising. However, Instagram must be fun. If you run your account for purely monetary reasons, you will not be able to succeed in the long term and therefore will not be able to make money with Instagram. Authenticity is very important in the community and an account without added value, which only contains advertising and advertising links, will be rejected by the community and will ultimately not bring any money.

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