How To Set Facebook Ads & The Difference With Google AdWords

by Mehdi BAH

Everyone is talking about Facebook Ads at the moment and many Internet marketers are making a lot of money with them. Today I would like to shed some light on the matter and explain to you exactly what it is, what the special features of Facebook Ads are and how you can use them effectively and profitably for you and your business.

What are Facebook Ads?

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With a probability bordering on security, you are already using Facebook privately and maybe also for business. Have you ever noticed that Facebook doesn’t charge a fee to create a profile, start a group, or write messages?

Facebook is completely free and does not require users to pay money. Nevertheless, the social network has developed into a billion-dollar, listed company.

Since the gigantic servers and the highly qualified employees cost a lot of money, there has to be a profit somewhere, but where does this come from?

The product distributed by Facebook is not the social network itself, but its user. Companies have the option to display advertising against payment, which is displayed to Facebook users. If the advertisement links to an external website, you will usually find it on the right side of your Facebook profile and if it is a fan page within the Facebook network, the advertisement can even be displayed in the middle of the news feed.

Facebook Ads are advertisements sold by Facebook to companies, which are intended to persuade the user to click on a banner or link, to like a fan page or the like.

How Does Facebook Ads Differ From The Google AdWords Advertising Program?

Google also offers its service completely free of charge. Entering a search query does not cost the user a cent and, like on Facebook, it applies here that you become a traded product.

Google also uses AdWords to monetize surfers by also displaying advertising banners and texts.

This is done in two different areas:

  1. Display Ads – Webmasters can apply to AdWords to display AdWords ads on their website (AdSense). If the website meets certain standards, it becomes part of the Display Ad network and, after inserting a code, automatically shows themed advertising. If a visitor clicks on the website, the advertiser pays money for it. 33% of this money goes to AdWords and 67% to the publisher.
  2. Search Ads – A so-called Search Ad can also be placed via AdWords. This is shown to the “googler” when he searches for a certain keyword. These paid ads usually take the first 1-3 results of a Google search and are placed on the right side of the search results. Here, too, the advertiser pays per click on the advertising space, but the entire proceeds go to AdWords.

The difference between Facebook Ads and the Google AdWords advertising program is that the Google advertising network is all about content and keywords (keyword-oriented), while Facebook either displays the entire area or shows a selected group of people (interest-oriented ).

What Are The Advantages Of Facebook Ads Over AdWords And Co?

Those who want to place ads in an advertising network usually expect a profit. Regardless of whether sales, downloads or options are the goals: the more targeted the traffic, the higher the conversion rate.

So you have to think carefully about who the target group is and how you can optimally address them. Here Facebook has a big advantage over the other advertising networks since the user voluntarily reveals a large amount of information about himself. For example, Facebook knows whether a user is male or female, where they live, what their relationship status is, what hobbies they have and what they like. All of this information is stored accurately and made available to advertisers. When placing an advertising banner, they can carefully select who should be shown.

So if you want to sell a wedding dress, you can select the target group: women -> engaged -> between 20 and 40 years and create your advertisement only for this group of people when creating the advertisement

Another advantage of the Facebook advertising network is that you have an excellent opportunity to split different target groups and advertising banners.

A typical example here is the subdivision of advertising recipients into age groups of ten years. So you quickly get a picture of which age group is particularly susceptible to advertising and likes to spend money on an advertised product. But also the advertising pictures or the text can and should be tested.

How Can I Use Facebook Ads For My Business?

Facebook Ads are an excellent way to buy very high-quality and targeted traffic cheaply. If you approach the topic with care, you can achieve a great ROI (Return of Investment) here.

It does not matter whether you run a shop, are committed to email marketing, act as an affiliate, or want to market your product. Traffic is the be-all and end-all of successful online marketing, and Facebook has plenty to offer.

Since Facebook earns money on every advertisement, it is very easy to open a Facebook Ads account. This is linked to your account so that you can manage and create it in the settings in the top right under the heading “Your Ads”. If you “only” have a profile for a fan page, you will also find the advertisement manager there after logging in.

What You Have To Consider When Using Facebook Ads!

Facebook Ads offer incredible opportunities, but quite a few people burned their capital very quickly. So here is some advice that you should take to heart if you want to start a successful and profitable advertising campaign on Facebook.

Making an advertising campaign profitable is often a lot of work.

Here Are Four Main Factors:

1- The Targeted Group

Those who sell razors shouldn’t show their advertising to 16-year-old girls, that’s for sure. It is important to test whether 20-year-old, 25-year-old or 30-year-old men convert better. For this purpose, create separate campaigns and divide the target group into age groups of ten years.

Then, let a few hundred visitors click on your advertising and then determine which campaign generated the most sales.

2- Your Advertising Banner

The advertising banner/advertising image you have designed should, of course, be tailored to the target group. However, what leads to the highest click-through rate (CTR) must also be tested. To do this, create different campaigns with different images. Use variations of the image and change the text of the ad. Framing the banner in color can have a very positive impact.

After a while, you will find that the CTR can be influenced by small changes.

3- The Landing Page

If you want to direct the ads to an external page (outside of Facebook), then you should have a landing page for your product or your option.

Because creating Facebook Ads is not enough. After the users click on your advertising, you redirect them to one of your landing pages. This also largely determines your conversion rate and should be subjected to ongoing split testing. Change the background, test different headlines and color combinations.

The positioning of the call to actions and the buttons is also very important and should always be kept in mind.

4- The Marketing Strategy

One strategy that has proven itself is to collect fans first (real!). You can also do this very specific and, above all, very cheaply via the Facebook Ads. Who knows how to do it can win fans for just 1 cent.

Then you should encourage your fans to interact with you or your fan-site. You do this by regularly posting funny, interesting and exciting articles in the form of text, links, photos or videos. Pay attention to topic relevance!

Only when you have built a strong fan base can you start selling your product or sending your fans to an Optin site, etc.

But make sure that you offer 80/20 added value and sales on your fan page or fans.

I recently did a really good Facebook Ads course. I would like to recommend this to you at the end. It is the social media formula from the well-known SocialMedia professional Reto Stuber.

After completing the course, I tested the things I learned and got really good results. So I have CTRs between 2.9% and 10% for different areas and target groups and pay around 5 cents for a website click and around 2 cents for a fan. There is still room for improvement here! I’m still testing a few things and I’m curious to see how my Facebook ads develop. So far I have only had good results.

Now we hope that with this article I was able to give you a first insight into the world of Facebook ads and I wish you much success with your first ads.

We would be delighted if you would tell us your experience with Facebook Ads here in the comments. If you have any more tips on this – bring it with you 🙂

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