Creating a Good Freelance Copywriting Website

by Spotiance

Creating a good freelance copywriting website to advertise yourself and your services is crucial to attracting new clients. It can also be one of the most challenging copywriting projects you’ll ever work on. These ten site sections can help you create a website that will show your potential customers you’re a professional.

Home Page

Your first introduction to potential clients is your home page. This is their first taste of your copywriting style.

If you can’t sell yourself, they won’t think you can sell their products and services either.

Pictures of you with your children are nice for your family website but keep your copywriting site professional. A picture of you at your desk is fine but it’s your copy that will either hook clients or send them on to the next freelance copywriter’s website.

Write copy that tells them why they’ve landed on the right website. Your website is part of your ad campaign and you must make this site sell you with strong copy that makes them want to click on every single one of your other sections.

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Online Freelance Copywriting Portfolio

If you don’t have your portfolio online, you might as well not have a website. You want to give people just browsing your site every way to determine if you’re the right freelance copywriter they want to hire for the project.

Even a fancy Flash site won’t give you an edge over freelance copywriters who have their portfolio online. The most basic HTML site is going to be able to attract those clients even if their entire portfolio is SPEC ADs simply because they have samples of their writing to share.

Freelance Copywriting Pricing

If you do put your rates on your website, it’s best to show a range that serves as a guide of what you charge. You should also add a line to your pricing page that says your rates are just an example because each client’s needs are unique.

Only after you consult with a client can you truly give them a rate that fits their project’s size and needs.

Otherwise, you’re just pigeonholing yourself and your services.

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Do you offer a newsletter? Advertising tips? A free critique of a company’s copy?

Any extras you offer can be included on a freebies page. If you do offer a mailing, you also want to make sure your signup box is available on every page of your site so you can gain the most subscribers.

Freebies aren’t for everyone. If you promise a monthly newsletter and don’t deliver, you’ll start losing your credibility among your subscribers. Only offer freebies if you’re positive you’ll be able to put the time into creating them, even if they don’t gain you any sales.


Resources like your blog or related articles can help establish you as an expert in your industry. You don’t have to limit your topics just to advertising, though.

If you’re a freelance copywriter specializing in the healthcare field, you may find a blog that covers healthcare issues will benefit you more than a blog about being a copywriter. Articles can also follow this track as well to make you stand out.

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Copywriting Experience

This section can also be titled “About.” It should detail your copywriting experience, education, any relevant ad industry experience, publishing credits, industries and companies you’ve written for, etc.

Some people include a mix of personal tidbits into this section. If you can’t resist including the info about your dog and three birds, do so sparingly.

You may want to write this type of bio because you feel like it gives you personality. As much as it hurts to admit, just remember, your sweet parrot isn’t going to get you the copywriting gig.

You can always post your resume if you’re stumped or provide it as a link to give potential clients a way to get to know your professional experience better. You do want it to be relevant to copywriting and advertising.

Freelance Copywriter Services

What do you do? This is where you tell the world exactly what you do as a freelance copywriter.

For example, do you specialize in writing for the electronics industry? Are you an SEO copywriter? List the types of projects you work on and elaborate, if possible.

This is a section your potential clients are going to spend time examining. If they’re looking for someone to write a website and it’s not listed as one of your services, they know to look elsewhere.

Think of every possible question your clients may have. This will give you a good basis for an FAQs section. Always tailor your questions based on your own experience and services offered. Look around at the sites of other freelance copywriters too to see what their FAQs look like.

Testimonials Client

Testimonials can be an effective sales strategy for your freelance copywriting website. If you don’t have them, it doesn’t mean you won’t get any clients.

If you do have them or feel comfortable contacting your clients, you can use these throughout your site or on a dedicated page. Clients vary so greatly that you may have one that reads every testimonial while the other reads none. But having testimonials on your website gives them the option.

Contact Page Make it easy for customers to contact you. Put your contact information on every single page of your website.

After that, create a contact page as part of your website so customers can contact you with one click. A contact form is ideal and you can also list your contact information as well.

Your form can be a straightforward means for people to contact you by Email or you can go one step further and use check boxes, radio buttons and text boxes to allow potential customers to tell you more about their project needs.

When creating your freelance copywriting website, you can use your own judgment to decide which site sections to include. Not every website will need all of these sections, but they’re a good starting point to any freelance copywriter who wants to attract new customers.

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