7 Easy Tips To Carry On A Healthy Work-life Balance

by Mehdi BAH

A good work-life balance is key to a satisfying life. The demands of the world of work and private interests should be brought into a healthy balance. Here you can find out what dangers an imbalance holds and how you can compensate.

It is usually difficult to evade professional tasks and stress factors. Private affairs and interests – family, friends, and sports – are subordinated to the job and put behind. The personal work-life balance suffers from this.

A happy private life is just as much a part of a healthy and satisfying everyday life as a fulfilling professional activity. If there is an imbalance at the expense of leisure time, this can lead to serious psychic problems. Burnout syndrome or tinnitus is the best-known effect of a lack of work-life balance.

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Tips For a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Anyone who is constantly under stress and has no way of escaping is at risk. It is not that difficult to make private and work life more balanced. If you follow the instructions below, a start has been made.

Tip 1: Set Your Priorities

Concentrate on the essentials. Write down your tasks and goals and your associated wishesArrange the individual points according to their importance. Set partial goals for larger projects and try to hand over certain tasks to other people (colleagues, family members, friends) if possible.

Tip 2: Practice Time Management

Find out which tasks take up a lot of your time and energy. Think about whether the benefits achieved justify this effort. Should not be the case, try this “time wasters” of your workday to banish:

If, for example, you spend a considerable part of your working time replying to emails in between, it could be a solution to find a fixed time for this task. Retrieve messages only at certain times (right in the morning, after lunch) and otherwise just take the mail client offline. So you can tackle the really important tasks undisturbed.

Do not answer business emails in your free time and switch off the service cell phone. You don’t always have to be available. Tomorrow is also a day.

Set a time frame for achieving your goals that is realistic and that you can keep to. If you organize your time systematically and concentrate on the essentials, stress, and over time will be reduced. This also benefits your private life.

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Tip 3. Write Private Plans In Your Diary

Do you often find yourself postponing or even canceling appointments with family and friends for professional reasons? If you are unable to give your private life enough time, you should consider entering private appointments such as “Playing with the children”, “Romantic dinner with your partner” or “Going for a run” on your calendar. This increases the likelihood that you will implement the planned leisure activity.

Tip 4: Pay Attention To Your Health

Avoid overwhelming yourself. When the end of the day and there is no urgent need, go home. Try to switch off. Exercise can help clear your mind and help you relax. In general, health is an important component of a functioning work-life balance. You should also pay attention to a balanced diet and adequate sleep.

Tip 5: Leave Work in Time

Are you one of those people who work overtime and stay in the company because they have no other plans? Then it can make sense to look for reasons every day to at least be halfway on time. This can be a fixed meeting with friends, a yoga class or an adult education course.

Tip 6: Take Breaks

You can be exposed to stress not only at work but also in your free time. It is important not to plan your time completely. It can be liberating to just let your mind wander, watch TV, read a book or do sports.

For a good work-life balance, it is important to have some free time. Use long weekends, public holidays and your vacation entitlement. If you recover well, you will have the energy for the job again.

Tip 7: Think Positive and Keep The Edge Sharp

While maintaining the work-life balance sometimes requires a lot of organizational effort, make yourself aware of what you are about the effort: for your privacy, your friends, your family, your job, and above all for yourself! See the positive. Worth it!

Tip 8: Plan Free Time With Yourself

Make appointments with yourself in which you do things that you enjoy (for example, reading a good book, taking a relaxing bath or looking at old photos).

Tip 9: Don’t Neglect Your Friends

Instead of repeatedly postponing the cocktail evening due to lack of time and tiredness, arrange a meeting from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. So you come home early and still had a nice evening.

Tip 10: Organize Your Areas Of Life In A Targeted Manner

Divide your life into four areas; work, body/health, contacts, meaning/self-realization. Plan how much time you want to devote to each area each week and stick to it.

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