6 Essential Steps To Build Your Own Application

by Mehdi BAH

Have you ever asked yourself ask “How do I create an app?” Do you have an idea but don’t know where to start?

here at spotiance we will share with you a step-by-step plan to help you build an app, the process can be divided into 6 steps that every entrepreneur or company has to go through.

Let’s start with the first one to find out what it takes and how to build an app!

Step 1: Start With The Idea – and Think Outside Of The Box

Think out side the box to build apps

Like any successful product, service or company, it all started with an idea. The incentive could be anything from the need to solve a problem or help others. Perhaps your idea can improve your business processes or support customer service. Anyway, having an app idea is one thing, but how do you know if it’s a good idea?

It is therefore advisable to ask yourself two questions:

  • How well does the app idea suit me ?;
  • How well does the app idea fit the market?

You are the one who makes the app a success. It’s the people behind an app that turn an idea into a booming application, like Jan Koum from WhatsApp and Evan Spiegel from Snapchat. How passionate are you about your app idea? And how strong is your motivation to make it successful?

If you are enthusiastic, then the question arises whether the idea also fits the market. Your target group must also like the idea to persuade them to download and use the app. 

You determine this by looking at how well your idea matches people’s behavior. Do you offer them a solution? And in what aspect is your app adding value?

Step 2: Define Your Goal From The App

Set your goals from the app

The second step is to determine your main goal. What do you want to achieve with an app? Why should you implement this idea?

If your goal is to money from your app deserve, you must start by creating a business plan. Think about strategies on how to monetize an app and how you want to fund the project. To balance the financing again, it is necessary to choose an income model to make a profit.

However, most apps are designed to make money (at some point). But there can also be other reasons, such as supporting a company, optimizing internal processes, helping others or saving money. Whatever your idea is, make sure you know exactly what your main purpose is.

Step 3: Define Your Targeted Users

target people

Your target group determines the success of your app in two ways:

  • Whether they will use the app, which means there is a demand for the app;
  • Whether the functionalities are user-friendly and comfortable enough to satisfy the users.

The three most common reasons to download a productive app are that the app is useful, that it is fun, or because someone recommended it.

In mobile games, it usually works the same way but is influenced by another additional reason: the critical mass. This means that it is important to have high rankings, ratings, and ratings in the app

Step 4: Define The Concept Of Your App

At this stage, your idea, goals, and target audience should be clear. The next step is to combine this with the advantages of mobile technology. This way you get a strong concept for your app. Important factors to achieve this are the business plan, the design and the technology.

For a booming application, you have to define why you are doing it, for which target group, how much you plan to earn and who will develop the application. You also have to choose whether you want to create an app for Android, iOS, or both operating systems. 

Besides, people will love your app if they enjoy using it. This is determined both by the visual appearance and by the user-friendliness. For this reason, it is advisable to hire a certified designer who creates a well-thought-out design that appeals to the user. User-friendliness is also important: an interface that is visible and does not raise any question marks.

On the one hand, the technology of an app offers a perfectly functioning app, on the other hand, the innovative use of technology also offers possibilities.

Think of the implementation of trend technologies such as GEO-Fencing and beacons, the Internet of Things (IoT) or augmented reality. Challenge yourself and think beyond just a well-functioning app. Think outside the box and think about innovative technical solutions.

If you need further help in defining your concept, read our guide “ How can you create an app? Tips for a professional project “.

Step 5: The Development Process

Once you know exactly what your application will look like, it’s time to find the right developer. It is recommended that you choose a team of developers who are experienced and specialize in the type of application you want to develop. Since it is not easy to find the right developer or developers yourself, you can use an online marketplace.

Step 6: The Market Entry

When the development process is finished, it’s time to start the app. Remember that it is important to continue working on updates, new features, and content improvements. But how do you get people to download the app at all? And how can you make the app in the app store more attractive with mobile marketing?

Here are a few tips to help you achieve this:

  • Find out who the first users are, try to reach them and make sure that they are the ones who spread the positive word of mouth to their social circles.
  • Communicate the functionality of the app very clearly. Why? In addition to searching for the name of an app, users search for apps based on functionality.
  • Add screenshots to illustrate how the app works.
  • If you offer a paid application, first try to provide the user with a free trial. That way, people are more willing to try out your new app.
  • Use app indexing. The app store is not the only place where people search for apps based on their name or functionality. Google could be another source to get more downloads, so make sure you are visible. 

By following this step-by-step plan, you ensure that you cover the essential parts to translate your idea into an application. What are you waiting for? Realize your project!

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