Team Communication : 5 Simple Rules To Improve It

by Mehdi BAH

Successful teamwork is usually based on one thing: successful communication in a team! Well, communicating teams usually do not come about on their own and they need some “care”. But the good news is: with the right communication rules, everyone can improve team communication. Here we present 5 simple and proven tips that will guide your team communication on the path to success.

Of course, conflicts within the team cannot be avoided entirely, and that doesn’t make sense. However, there are effective methods to not only prevent unnecessary conflicts in the team but also to improve the entire collaboration in the long term. The key keyword in this context is team communication.

You Can Practice Good Communication In A Team

Of course, there is communication in every department, in every project. However, not every group of people forms a team. In contrast to a group of people, a team works together excellently: coordinated, supporting and using the respective strengths, focused on a common goal. And good team communication is the bond that holds all these advantages together and makes them possible. That is the decisive difference.

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5 Simple Tips To Improve Communication In The Team

team communication

Communication Rule 1: Common Goals

A team needs a common vision that everyone wants to achieve. To achieve the goal, the roles should be clearly and comprehensibly distributed – if possible without creating static conditions. People do things better when they understand them.

Communication Rule 2: Listen Better

It is equally important for the common goal to involve all team members in team communication. Talking to each other is just as essential as listening to each other. Each team member should have a sufficient say and arguments should be weighed up before being turned down.

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Communication Rule 3: More Transparency

Communicate openly and share all relevant information with all team members who need it. To establish successful communication in the team, individual interests must be subordinated to the common interest.

Communication Rule 4: Constructive Criticism

It’s not nice to be criticized, but sometimes necessary. To move forward, the actions of the team and its members must be checked regularly. It is important to argue constructively and about the matter. Personal criticism, as well as personal judgments, have lost nothing in team communication. If there are conflicts in the group, they should be dealt with openly and a common solution should be found. External experts have proven their worth in hardened lines of conflict.

Communication Rule 5: Express Appreciation

Just as constructive criticism should be exercised, praise and appreciation should also be established in team communication. This doesn’t just mean celebrating shared success, which is very important. Above all, a culture of recognition should also be cultivated at the individual level – not only on the part of the superiors but also on the part of the colleagues.

A positive side effect of functioning communication in a team is that it reduces stress at the workplace and makes many processes significantly more efficient, which can save a lot of time.

What is your experience with team communication? We are looking forward to your comments.

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