4 Main Components To Balance Your Personal Life And Work

by Mehdi BAH

Work-life balance means the state in which private life and everyday work are in harmony. But it’s not that easy to get family, job, leisure, and sport under one roof. Some authors have dealt intensively with the topic and written advice on it. It explains how you can finally bring a balance into your life.

We all dream of the perfect mix of work and leisure. Imagine what it would be like to close the laptop at 2 p.m. to spend the afternoon with a promising DIY project, an exciting novel or our friends. But let’s be honest: Most of the time

It is just coloring in. End with it: We explain how you can find the right balance in everyday life and show how small oasis of relaxation can also be created with a 40-hour week.

Current studies show that those who maintain a balanced work-life balance not only live healthier and have more time for loved ones, but are also more stress-resistant and more powerful. While the work-life balance is already the number 1 career goal for the coming Generation Everyday life looks different in many places. Most workers, including overtime, spend around 45-50 hours in the office and an additional 60 to 90 minutes a day commuting. At home, there are households and other appointments. No question, we devour our dinner with passion and Netflix is ​​great for relaxing, but activities that can be described as hobbies often find more space in our resumes than after work. Often after a working day, there is no energy for gardening, jogging or swinging your brush again. The balanced balance between work and leisure is, therefore, more like a seesaw with a child (or man) who seesaws alone. A sad sight? Let’s change that!

Set Your Priorities Sensibly

Before we try to optimize our free time to insert a yoga session while the pasta is cooking, we should ask ourselves what the reason for the lack of time is. Even if we would rather stroll through the park than sit in the stuffy office, we don’t. Instead, we regularly write “a few emails” or “work on this important presentation” regularly at the end of the day and the weekend. 

On the one hand, this behavior can be attributed to the increasing pressure to be successful. On the other hand, we do a lot of tasks without questioning their urgency. It is therefore advisable to assign priorities to upcoming activities. Eating together with the family can be just as important as preparing for a meeting. It is crucial that we consciously determine what we are spending our time on.

Various tools are available, such as Trello (see picture) or Jira.  They give an overview of all to do’s and their urgency. Thanks to assigned deadlines, reminders show which tasks are due soon. So users can keep their head free. Such prioritization will show you what to focus on.

This makes it easier for you to skip or postpone low-priority tasks, even in your free time. But how do you get the right mix of work and leisure?

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What Are The Components Of The Work-Life Balance

The work-life balance defines a state in which work and private life are in harmony. It comprises four components: work, health, relationship, and meaning in life and values. By investing a lot of energy in the area of ​​work, we often achieve the best results here. However, it is important to maintain the other three areas equally.


Fast food during lunch and on the sofa in the evening. Does this seem familiar to you? To get down quickly, it can do a good job. Nevertheless, a healthy diet and sufficient exercise are ultimately crucial for our physical well-being. For example, try to take the bike instead of the car in the future. 

So you hardly lose time and have exercise and fresh air. In contrast, a new trend in nutrition is revolutionizing the healthy lunch break: Meal Prep. Food bloggers and Co. show you how several healthy dishes can be cooked once. You can even save time and stay fit.

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2- Relationships

Postpone the men’s evening? Canceling dinner together with your partner? Again and again, we accept cuts in our private lives in order to have more time for work. However, social contacts are one of the most important pillars in life. So that you can be successful in the long term, it is important to maintain these contacts carefully and to be able to rely on a solid environment. Therefore, give them at least as much importance in professional projects.

3- Meaning in Life And Values

A good job brings recognition, overtime shows diligence and promotion shows ambition. We often come across such views not only in the office but also in private life. Even if it is nice to pursue our profession with passion, we should not confuse work with meaning in life. If we define ourselves too much about our job, we immediately doubt ourselves in the case of professional difficulties. Therefore, if you try to find reinforcement and recognition in your private life, you will be more resistant to difficulties in your job.

4- Little Oases Of Relaxation

If you don’t have the opportunity to break up early in the office, you don’t have to worry about staying on the lonely seesaw forever. A full-time position also allows a balanced lifestyle.

Note that the four components of the work-life balance have already taken a big step. Short breaks at the workplace ensure regular relaxation. 

For example, try to take a five-minute break every two hours, breathing deeply and calmly. Such mini-breaks even increase your performance by up to 30%. Stress at the workplace is also not a threat to your inner balance.

Positive stress, so-called stress, can be stimulating and motivate us. However, regular overwork or profound worries lead to negative stress, the so-called distress. In this case, you should find the reason for the overload to bring your (work) life back into balance.


Whether Meal Preparation, mini-break or bike, the first step for a balanced work-life balance begins with your active decision to invest in your well being. Prioritizing can help you understand what’s important. And just because Generation Z jumps into the office with the yoga mat and proudly presents the overnight oats during the break, don’t have to become a balancing artist of work and leisure overnight. Remember, even a shaky seesaw can eventually find its balance.

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