10 Tips To Motivate Yourself If Nothing Helps

by Mehdi BAH

Do you sometimes find it difficult to motivate yourself? With these 10 useful tips, you will succeed. Learn the art of self-motivation.

This is how you learn the art of self-motivation. For sports, your studies, school, for losing weight or just wherever you want to motivate yourself.

Do you sometimes find it difficult to pick yourself up and motivate yourself? Upcoming tasks keep many of us busy forever. And whenever we are about to do what we set out to do, it suddenly seems more important, such as cleaning the windows, bringing the trash down, or seeing the news. If you know this from yourself, we have a few good tips for you:

Tip 1: At the beginning clarify what needs to be done

Before you start a task, you should be clear about the following: Does what you have to do need to be done? This may sound strange, but sometimes we block ourselves from a task because we subconsciously feel that the task is not so important, that the task is unnecessary, or that someone else should do it.

Therefore, make a clear decision at the beginning for or against this task. Maybe you can delegate them? Maybe it’s not that important? Then stop it.

But if you have to do something, make a conscious and clear choice for this task and do it.

You can use Applications too : Best Time Management & Productivity Apps For Android & iOS

Tip 2: Find Out You Personal Motivations And Use It

What motivates you most? Money? Recognition? When a task is difficult? If you can work with others? What exactly is it that you are attracted to?

Each of us has certain things that motivate him, and each of us has things that demotivate him.

The trick is to find out what motivates and demotivates us. Because once we find out, it is often the key to success.

If you know what motivates you, you can design your tasks accordingly. Suppose you have to write a thesis and you know that you prefer to work in a team. Then you can create motivation by trying to write a diploma thesis with someone (you can do this in many subject areas). The point is that you can design your tasks. Do it according to your needs. If you know what motivates you, you can use this knowledge for self-control.

You need to work with full energy : 7 Efficient Tips To Work With Full Energy During Work Days

Tip 3: Self-Motivation Through Visualization

If you want to motivate yourself for a task, imagine in your mind’s eye how you can accomplish the task with joy and vigor. Paint that in bright colors and think of the moment you did this task – how good and relieved you feel and how proud you are.

Positive visualizations help you to motivate yourself. But they are not enough.

So that such positive fantasies really strengthen your motivation, you have to combine them with something else. In addition to your positive fantasies, you also need to visualize the obstacles you see on the way to your goal.

Coffee also help : 5 Effective Caffeine Alternatives For More Energy

So: visualize positive fantasies + obstacles.

This promotes your motivation to the maximum.

The researcher Gabriele Oettingen has also developed a practical method called ‘WOOP’.

The WOOP method guides you through this visualization process in 4 simple steps.

And with the help of this WOOP method, you can easily motivate yourself very easily.

Tip 4: Pay Attention To Your Inner Voice

Under no circumstances should you constantly tell yourself that you “cannot concentrate” or that you “will never be able to do this task”. This is how you program yourself to not feel like failing or failing to remain unmotivated. If you can’t turn off your thoughts, write them down on a piece of paper if necessary and then tear it up. It is a cleansing ritual that can free us from painful thoughts.

Better yet, tell yourself that “the job is fun,” that it is “done quickly,” or that it is “a breeze”. Even if you do not believe in it, you are programming your subconscious mind to the new useful thought processes and these thoughts are already in your flesh and blood.

Tip 5: Motivate With Rewards

Many people are motivated by rewards. You also?

Then use that. Promise yourself rewards for fulfilling tasks – for example, a certain book, a visit to the cinema, a massage or a few cards for the next sport’s finale. Pick things you really like or would like to do. Tell yourself, “When I’ve finished these ten files, I’ll buy the book I’ve been wanting for so long.” Or “If I successfully complete this course, I’ll reward myself with the new computer game.”

Write down what you will reward yourself with for what. And the most important thing: never cheat yourself for your reward. You have to keep what you promise yourself.

Tip 6: Create Artificial Time Pressure

A large number of people are motivated by a deadline.

When the deadline pressure increases, they can suddenly get to work without problems and without quarreling. You can also use this for yourself by setting appointments for your tasks.

And not just in your quiet closet. Include such appointments in your calendar like other business appointments. Talk to others about it. Write the appointments on post-it notes and stick them on your wall or on your PC.

Do not underestimate the power of such self-made appointments if you are serious and honest with yourself.

For larger projects, it makes sense to break the task down into subtasks and make an appointment for each of these subtasks with yourself. This prevents you from starting a task three days before your end date, which usually takes three weeks to complete.

Tip 7: For The Longer Period – Action Plans

We are often poorly motivated because we cannot foresee how long a task will take and what we can expect. So our projects often seem far too big and therefore hardly manageable. Therefore, create concrete action plans.

Suppose you are planning to change jobs. Then an action plan could look like this:

Specific taskDone untilcheck datesreward
Ad designed and written15.8.10.8.A DVD
Spoken to headhunters20.8.15.8.A book
Application folder compiled30.8.24.8.Quiet afternoon
Attended assessment center training15.910.9.Visit the cinema
Got a new job31. days Disneyland

Tip 8: Schedules For The Current Day

If we can oversee our work assignments on the morning of the day, it will be much easier for us to start at all. Therefore, create a specific work schedule for the day ahead in the morning. Write down what you want to do, how much time you need for it (+ buffer time) and, if necessary, the reward for a special task.

Put the unpleasant tasks at the beginning of the day so that you will soon have them behind you. Cross out all the tasks you have completed so that you can see that you are making progress. What you can’t do, carry over to the next day.

Tip 9: Celebrate Your Achievements!

We are often not very motivated if we do not get enough recognition. Now you can’t expect someone to always applaud when you’ve completed a task.

So that you are motivated anyway, you should acknowledge your performance and appreciate yourself. Celebrate quietly when you have completed an uncomfortable or big task. Praise yourself. You can also tell your life partner about it. Enjoy being done with something.

If you finish your tasks so positively, the next time you will be much more inclined to start. You then associate something beautiful with it.

Tip 10: If Nothing Helps

Sometimes nothing helps. No tip motivates you, nothing can stimulate you.

Then there is simply nothing to be done. Before you sit for hours in front of your work and still can’t do anything, you should simply stop on such days. Break up early if possible (you may have to work a few extra hours or you may have flextime). Do something completely different. Allow yourself a break. Without a guilty conscience.

There are simply these days when you can’t pull yourself together. Use such a day for yourself and make the best of it.

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