How To Choose The Right Domain Name For Your Website

How To Choose The Right Domain Name For Your Website

Domain names give websites an easily understandable name and replace the IP address, which is the unique identifier of the website and consists of a sequence of numbers and can also contain other characters. But such a string is not easy to remember, so websites behind the classic “ www. “ get the name of your choice.

However, this freedom of choice also gives rise to responsibility. You should choose a name that reflects the image and value of your trademark over the long term. This choice can and should, therefore, be made carefully and without haste. In this article, we briefly summarize why it is so important to choose a good domain name and give you some tips for choosing it.

Domain Name System

How Do Domains Work?

The Domain Name System (DNS) essentially forms the basis for the domain. Put simply, the DNS is a directory with IP addresses (IP = Internet Protocol). An IP address consists of a series of numbers that enable communication between computers.

That is, while we recognize websites by their domain names, computers identify them by their IP addresses. The DNS translates the domain name of a website into an IP address that can be recognized and communicated by computers.

Why Domain Name is Important?

As mentioned earlier, visitors can use the domain name to find your website online. That is why you should choose a name that is easy to remember and enter on the one hand and that represents you well on the other. Some examples? amazon.com, apple.com, change.org … All of these names have been carefully thought out and chosen for the respective operators.

10 Tips To Choose The Perfect Domain Name:

Choosing the optimal name for your business or website is an important task and with a few considerations, you will find the name that suits you best. Here are some tips!

1. Do your research!

A top-level domain (TLD) usually has the extension .com, .org or .net. Choose an extension that is suitable for your business. The selection of endings is large and each has a specific function. If in doubt, select the universal extension .com!

2. Choose Short Brand-able Domain Name:

Choose a short, concise domain name that your visitors can easily enter in the address bar of their browser. if you feel stuck on finding a brandable name you can use a business name generator like Namelix to get inspired.

3. Avoid hyphens:

hyphens make the domain name more complicated, The input becomes more complex and it is easier to make mistakes.

4. Promote your activity:

Do you already have a trading name but no domain name yet? Consider using the same name for both your business and your domain, and help your business build it’s online presence.

5. Choose Simple Pronunciation for Your Domain Name:

What is easy to pronounce is easier to enter. Think of a simple domain name so you avoid that your potential visitors find it difficult to pronounce and remember it.

6. Think long term:

Look into the future when choosing your domain name. Fashion trends are great, but if you want to choose a name that reflects your professional image, you should think beyond the trends of the moment.

7. Avoid problems:

Make sure that your desired domain is not a registered trademark. Because you certainly don’t want to deal with any legal problems with your name.

8. Be creative when choosing an extension:

Consider a creative combination of name and extension. For example, if you run a travel agency, you could use .travel extension or, if you write, the .author extension.

9. Protect your brand:

Consider registering the most important domain endings (for example, not only .de, but also .com and other endings that can be useful) to prevent competitors from registering alternative versions of your name, and make your visitiros confused or lose potential costumers.

10. Check availability on social media:

This gives you a good chance of promoting your activity or website there as well. Therefore, check whether the chosen name is still available as a profile name on the well-known social networks or at least those that are useful for your business, to do this you can use name checker service like, namechk that checks name and social media availibilty at once.


Worldwide, 100,000 domains are registered every day. Even if you want to go online with your website at short notice, remember to choose and protect the domain name carefully before someone else registers it!

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How To Choose The Right Domain Name For Your Website

What is a Domain Name?

Part of the URL that represents a specific website. The domain name is the piece of a URL that is the property of the website owner. Domain names are typically preceded by ‘www.’, which identifies the server the site is stored on and end with ‘.com’ or ‘.edu’ or another extension that represents the type of website (commercial, educational, nonprofit, etc.) although with the explosion of domain name demand, extensions have lost some of their relevancy.

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