Water For Babies: Can My Baby Drink Water And When?

by Khadija MAWHOUB

A Georgia mother threw her breast milk with water and unwittingly poisoned her daughter. The mother only wanted to be caring: she herself produced little breast milk and was afraid that her offspring would not get enough fluids. A fatal decision that cost the baby’s life. But why is water so dangerous for babies? In the following, you will find out how you can recognize poisoning and when the little ones can drink water.

Why is Drinking Water Dangerous For Babies?

If your little ones drink water or other additional liquids such as teas, water poisoning (overhydration) can occur. Infants are particularly susceptible to poisoning because their kidneys are not yet fully developed. The water and mineral balance of your baby is disturbed by increased water supply. The water eventually accumulates in the body and, in extreme cases, in the brain cells.

Caution! Excessively diluted milk foods can also be dangerous for your little ones. Always pay attention to the specified mixing ratio on the packaging! Breast milk must also not be diluted.

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How Do I recognize Water Poisoning in My Baby?

Babies who have drunk too much water initially look puffy and apathetic. In the further course, tremors up to seizures occur. The body temperature in many cases falls below 36.1 ° C. In the worst case, the little ones die from the consequences of water poisoning.

Do Babies Need More Fluids on Hot Days?

Babies also need a lot more fluid on hot days. However, it is enough if you breastfeed your baby more often because breastfed babies regulate their needs themselves. Especially in warm temperatures, they only want to be put on for a short time. You will get a higher proportion of water in the milk. We, therefore, recommend offering the breast frequently. For Bottled Water, children should simply get smaller amounts, more often during the day because they pull out the liquid here and thus quench their thirst.

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How Do I Know if My Baby is Drinking Enough?

In addition, there are hints that show you that your baby has drunk enough:

  • It swallows audibly when drinking.
  • It has a healthy complexion and firm skin.
  • It wets five or more diapers in 24 hours.
  • It is gaining weight.

When Can Babies Drink Water

The risk of water poisoning is no longer that great if your baby is already getting solid food. In fact, additional salts are absorbed through food. From the twelfth month onwards, your little one’s kidneys will be fully developed so that you can easily give them water. Accordingly, a baby should receive additional fluid at the earliest after the sixth month of life or from the third fully replaced complementary food.

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