6 Tips To Get Teenagers Clean Their Messy Bedroom?

by Spotiance

One of the eternal complaints of teenagers’ parents is that they have a messy room. The parents do not understand the reason, the children complain about interference in their life and that of the disorder ends up being one of the issues that creates the most problems in the relationship with the adolescent.

Why Teenagers Bedroom Is Messy:

1- Psychological and Hormones Reasons:

The reason for that disorder The first interesting aspect is knowing the reason that the disorder is one of the most frequent characteristics of adolescence. Most of the psychological currents defend that it is a reflection of the adolescents’ own personality, and in that stage of life chaos floods the lives of girls and boys. Even your own organism is in full transformation. They are no longer children but they are not adults yet.

Hormones condition your mood and cause constant changes. They have begun to take off from the family but have not yet found their place in the world. They begin to know what they want but they don’t have it completely defined. And all these new and constantly changing emotions cause disorder inside. A mess that will be reflected in your room.

2- Starting More Activities:

There is another reason, they have little time. The life of the boys changes with the arrival of the adolescence, they establish their group of friends, the crushes arrive, they begin to leave more frequently and to that they have to add the school, the tasks to house and the sports. So it is difficult for them to find time for everything and establish priorities in which the arrangement and cleaning of their room is usually last, but despite that, it is normal for parents of teenagers to want their children to be clean.

The truth is that could be achieved but it is a good idea to try. Because adolescence is the time when young people are forming for their adult life and making them acquire responsibilities that are not beyond their means will help them for the future. What parents can do As in everything in the relationship With teenagers it is good to establish a strategy when you want to get something from them. Therefore, if what parents want is for their teen to usually clean their bedroom, there are some tips to get it.

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Tips To Get Teenagers Clean Their Messy Bedroom

Tips To Get Teenagers Clean Their Messy Bedroom

1- Respect Priorities Before Bedroom Cleaning

The first thing is to know if it really is a priority for us that our son or daughter order their room. Keep in mind that the relationship with adolescents is complicated and there may be other issues that require more parental intervention at any given time. That is why parents should decide if the battle for the order of their teenager’s room is a good time or if they take care of other more important things.

2- Respect Their Privacy

The parents of teenagers have to understand that their teenage children’s room is a very important place for them. It is their refuge, the place where they spend time alone.

3- Make Bedroom Cleaning a Teenage Responsibility

If the decision is that it is the time, it is important that the adolescent be clear that the cleanliness and order of his room is his responsibility. It must be the one who takes care of it.

4- Negotiate With Them

With teenagers, negotiation is always much more effective than taxation. If parents tell their teenage son or daughter that they should clean their room every Saturday at nine in the morning they have little chance of their teen fulfilling it. But if they sit with him, they spend time explaining that they understand the importance of his room for him or her but that he or she must also understand that the house in general is the responsibility of the parents and they establish with it rules for cleaning of the room, he or she will be much more likely to comply. Another aspect to negotiate is to close or not the locked door.

Although in this case, the usual thing is that in a house where parents do not lock their own room, teenagers do not consider doing so either.

5- Allow Teenage To Receive Friends In Bedroom

Allowing teenagers to receive their friends in their room is usually a good strategy for them to feel obligated to keep it well.

6- Offer Storage Boxes

Teens often accumulate things, posters and posters, books and all kinds of objects. If we provide them with containers in which they can store these objects in an orderly way, we will have advanced a lot in the project of room order.

Bookstores are very useful for them to put in their books and papers. And the trunks and boxes are ideal for storing all kinds of objects. Some of these boxes, also have the right size to keep them under the bed, or we can also provide more resistant trunks on which to put some pillows and that can serve as a seat.

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