7 Good Benefits Of Team Sports For Teenagers

by Spotiance

The practice of sports is one of the most positive activities for teenagers. But team sports for teenagers has greater benefits. Some studies have found that teenagers spend more than six hours a day on sedentary leisure activities such as watching television, surfing the internet, chatting with friends, playing on the computer or talking on the cell phone.

We are in the era of communications and it is very beneficial for teenagers to be connected to that world. But if at that time we add those who spend at school and those who do homework at home, the result is an excess of sedentary activity. And that is not beneficial for health.

It is not uncommon for teenagers who have played sports as children to leave after puberty. The excuse they use is that they lack time for everything. And they are right. Therefore it is recommended that parents help them or, at least, guide them to organize their time to be able to do various activities, and among these activities should not miss the sport. And if they are team sports, the better. And it is that some of the characteristics of the sports that are practiced in group are unbeatable for their formation in this fundamental stage of their lives.

Benefits of Team Sports For Teenagers:

Benefits of Team Sports For Teenagers:

1.- Discipline:

We all know that it is very difficult for many teenagers to be disciplined. The practice of a team sport will teach them the importance of discipline without them noticing. And they will see that the team works well when all its components follow the discipline imposed.

2.-The Importance Of Standards:

Sports in general help kids understand the importance of rules. In those who practice as a team, the boys observe directly that when they do not comply with the imposed norms, they also harm the rest of the team.

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3.-Group work:

That is perhaps the main teaching of team sport, boys and girls learn to work in a group, discover the importance of trusting others and that others trust them.

4.- Leadership:

Another aspect offered by the practice of team sport is that teenagers discover what leadership is, its importance for the team to perform well. What a leader can do to guide the rest and gain the trust of their peers.

5.- Solidarity:

Practicing a team sport also reinforces the bonds of solidarity between the components.

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6.- Frustration tolerance:

It is true that both in team sports and in individual sports, the usual thing is to win sometimes and lose others, but it is demonstrated that in those practiced as a team, the tolerance to frustration derived from defeats is acquired much more solidly. . And that is a very important learning for adult life.

7.- Victorious Without Arrogance:

In the same way, the victories are lived in team sports without arrogance. Another fundamental teaching for your adult life.

What To Do To Practice Sports With Teenagers:

What To Do To Practice Sports With Teenagers:

We all know that it is often difficult to convince teenagers to do certain things. At this time they are individualistic and give great importance to their autonomy and also have continuous character changes and do not easily admit advice. But their parents are intelligent adults who can follow a strategy when they want to get their children to do something.

1.- Talk To Them About Sports

The first thing to do is provide the adolescent with information about the advantages of practicing a sport. It is very healthy, will help them make more friends or strengthen relationships with their group and has benefits that continue throughout their lives.

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2.- Choose a Sport That Goes With The Personality Of The Teenager:

Also there parents can help a lot. They know as nobody the character and skills of their sons and daughters and that is the most important information to decide which sport can be better for him. But it must be the teenager himself who makes the decision but also his parents can help him acquire the information he needs to make it.

3.- Provide The Equipment They Need And Facilitate Transportation.

Although that is an effort for parents, they may consider that it will give them time to spend with their teenage son. It is also important that, even at this age, parents attend their children’s matches. Let them know that they are important for the whole family.

4.- Offer A Role Model:

Not only children, teenagers also imitate what they see. If no one performs physical activity in the family, it will be very difficult to convince them to practice it.

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