5 Secret Ways to Strengthen Child Confidence As They Grow

by Khadija MAWHOUB

In a world of unrealistic ideals of beauty and boundless pressure to perform, we want to give our children something that strengthens them for the challenges of life. one of this important things is to strengthen child confidence because they will need it to face the world as they grow.  

How to Strengthen Child Confidence:

5 Ways to Strengthen Child Confidence

1. Let your child make their own decisions

The task of parents is to guide the children on their way. But it is important for the development they also need to make their own decisions and learn how to deal with the consequences. 

Experiencing how decisions affect life itself promotes self-confidence. If your child has made the wrong decision, help them and discuss what they could do better next time. A “I knew it right away” is certainly not useful. Because only if it tries it, it also learns to trust its own judgment and ability.

2. Do not glorify your child’s actions or skills

Love and appreciation from parents are a prerequisite for developing healthy self-confidence. But, Excessive praise does exactly the opposite. Confidence grows from the experience of being particularly good at certain things. If everything is praised to heaven, at some point the child will no longer be motivated to improve or learn new things. Praise should always be sincere and honest, otherwise the well-meaning praise will simply become inflationary, so it will lose its value due to the frequency.

3. Has high but realistic expectations

Psychologists found that an environment that has high expectations of children is the ideal prerequisite for developing self-confidence. However, these expectations should never overwhelm or strain the child! It is not about the child always being the best of all or performing above average. 

The yardstick is the child himself, not the average, the other children or other benchmarks. You know your child best. If you trust him a lot, his own confidence in himself grows. By knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the child exactly, you can accompany them to their personal goals with love and support.

4. Address your child’s interests

Not only mentally, but also in practice, you can support your offspring in their person and thus in strengthening their self-confidence. Is your child a bookworm? Have a look at the leisure activities of the local library. 

Here there are reading competitions, writing workshops and much more that your child prefers – and demands. And yes, that also applies if you are personally not interested in Pokémon cards or wrestling – but your child is. Most likely, it will be a great pleasure to explain the individual development stages of ‘Enton’ to you and feels like an expert. 

The more experiences your child has in their area of ​​interest, the more confident it will be. At the same time, you show your child that you take their hobbies seriously and want to support them.

5. Communicate to your child

it can achieve whatever it wants, but it has to make an effort, Success is a matter of attitude. If you don’t believe in something, you won’t achieve it. But if you are passionate about something, make an effort, don’t give up and don’t let setbacks slow you down, you can achieve great things. 

An important pillar of self-confidence is therefore belief and trust in yourself and the world. It’s not about inventing the new Facebook or winning the Nobel Prize. Even on a small scale, we have to overcome ourselves every day and put all our courage into telling a friend an honest opinion, daring to do the somersault in the acrobatics course or singing a song in front of the class. From “I can never do it!” To “I can do it!” And the successful existence of the situation requires a lot of character. Encourage your child and watch his confidence grow and thrive.

Building self-confidence is a life’s work

This is how you strengthen child confidence, Self-confidence does not mean being imaginary or self-in love. Self-confidence is characterized by a good degree of self-respect and self-confidence. 

The ability to pat yourself on the shoulder and tell yourself, well done! But self-respect also means admitting mistakes and dealing with disappointments without mentally stoning yourself. If you are solid and literally trust yourself, you will gain new motivation from failures and do it better next time. In this respect, self-respect is more than self-confidence, because it describes a person’s attitude towards himself.

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