What You Should Do As A Parent Of Adolescent Lesbian

by Mehdi BAH

“My daughter is an adolescent lesbian.” That teenager who does nothing was still a girl who is homosexual. Many fathers and mothers of lesbian girls suddenly discover that their daughters are lesbians and feel fear, worry and, sometimes, anger. They should not worry much about these first reactions, if they do not go further, they do not usually have too much importance.

But they must also assume the sexual condition of their daughters. Only then can they help them grow healthily, fully develop and face their future with enough weapons. The discovery of sexual identity Adolescence is the time when most people discover their sexual identity. And that is so for both heterosexuals and homosexuals. That is why it is also the time when many parents discover that they have a gay son or a lesbian daughter.

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At that time, boys and girls need the support, understanding, and help of their parents. Everyone, heterosexuals, and homosexuals should be able to speak with sexuality with their parents naturally, that way they will get the information to enjoy a full and healthy sexual life.

But in the case of homosexuals, also, they may have to face added difficulties It is very important to be clear that these difficulties are not born from the homosexual condition itself that is as natural as the heterosexual, but from how society behaves with gays and lesbians. Intolerance, discrimination, and lack of information are, unfortunately, still too common. That’s why lesbian girls usually need even more support than straight girls when it comes to defining and building their sexual identity. What does your lesbian daughter need from you?

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5 Pieces Of Advice That Will Help You As A Parent of Adolescent Lesbian:

Adolescent Lesbians

1- Give Your Daughter Love:

The first thing your daughter needs is to show her love. If you know, my dear, it will be much easier for her to develop the self-esteem that teenagers need to mature sexually.

2- Give Her Respect Too:

She must feel that you respect her way of being and assume her sexual condition. You must know that the sexual condition is not a choice, your daughter has not chosen to be homosexual, it is. What he can and should choose is the way he wants to live his condition. If you want it to be public if you prefer that not everyone knows … And that choice is hers. You must respect what she decides because it is about her life. But you can also guide her about what is best for her life, which will make her happier.

3- She Needs Your Support:

Your support will be essential for its development. If your daughter knows that you repeat and support her decisions, she will find the courage to live her sexual condition as she decides even when she finds difficulties because of the social intolerance towards homosexuality that is still too frequent.

4- Provide Her With Information:

Your lesbian daughter will need information. The most common is that parents of young lesbians do not have this information when they discover the sexual condition of their daughters. Searching for it is not difficult, the pediatrician, the school counselor or the gay and lesbian associations that exist in most cities have that information.

5- Provide References:

Many times the fear of young lesbians when they discover their orientation stems from the ignorance of what lesbianism is. The search for quality information at that time is essential but it is also very useful for girls to discover that many other women before them were lesbians. Help your daughter locate famous lesbians. Discovering that it is not a rarity can help you all a lot.

Here Is a brief reference on History Of Lesbianism


You as father or mother have a lesbian daughter, all you have to is just control her relations with other girls and the most important thing is to show respect and love to her.

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