7 Tips To Make Your Child Used To Brush Teeth

by Khadija MAWHOUB

Brushing teeth and children are two things that rarely get along. Brushing teeth is very important for dental health from the very first tooth. Unfortunately, most children resist the annoying ritual of brushing teeth. Doesn’t your child want to brush his teeth? how can you make your child used to brush teeth? well With these clever tricks, you can get your little kid used to it.

When Should You Brush Your Child’s Teeth

Babies get their first milk tooth at half a year. Dentists recommend starting a toothbrushing ritual and gently massaging the baby gums with a special toddler brush.  Because if you get the child used to brushing their teeth early on, they will have fewer problems getting used to the routine later on. With a baby, you use a special milk toothbrush and toothpaste for milk teeth.

What Toothpaste Is Best to Brush Your Child’s Child

When choosing a toothpaste, make sure that it contains fluoride and does not contain any coloring or sweetening agents or preservatives. In contrast to us adults, children swallow most of the toothpaste and would unnecessarily ingest sugar. If your child is already taking fluoride tablets, toothpaste without fluoride would be sufficient. You should also brush with the baby or toddler twice a day – in the morning and in the evening after eating. This is of course particularly important when the milk teeth are complete. Most children have all milk teeth at 2.5 years of age. By then at the latest, you should have accustomed them to a daily dental routine.

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Tips To Make Your Child Used To Brush Teeth

If your child does not want to brush teeth, your creativity and endurance are required. The following tips can help improve your dental care routine.

Make Your Child Used To Brush Teeth

1. Be a Good Role Model

Children look at everything their parents do. So that your child understands that brushing teeth is important, you should set a good example and brush your teeth as well. Show him that this ritual is part of the morning and evening and that mom and dad do it too. You can also take away the fear of the dentist by saying positively how important it is and by going there regularly.

2. Justify Why Brushing Teeth is Important

Of course, children under one year of age don’t understand your arguments. But you can explain to a 2-year-old what can happen if you don’t take care of your teeth. Use playful comparisons and explain to him that otherwise, the teeth will break if they are not cleaned and the food can hurt later.

With the three-year-old, we clean in the morning and in the evening. It is important to give him a reason why brushing his teeth is simply part of it, he understands that otherwise the bacteria on the teeth will collect and destroy them.

3. Distract The Child

Distraction helps your child to lose fear. You could show him a short video while cleaning. It works even better if there are two of you and one person reads something to him while the other brushes his teeth. It is important that he combines the brushing ritual with something positive that the whole family does together. Or dad brushes his teeth while mom brushes the child’s teeth.

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4. Be Creative

If your child completely refuses to open their mouth, then you have to come up with something: A play-along song with Aaaah and Oooh can help to get the toothbrush everywhere. There are also special toothbrush songs on YouTube, to which you can groom all your teeth step by step. Or you can take a hand puppet that also brushes its teeth every evening.

5. Don’t Give in, But Don’t Punish it

As with everything your child has yet to learn, the motto when brushing your teeth is also: persevere. Do not give in under any circumstances if it is defiant and totally refuses. There are always ways to get something positive out of this ritual. Patience and sensitivity are of course required here and in case of doubt only the distraction just mentioned and then a small reward for well-behaved children will help. It is important that you do not punish your children if they strictly refuse. Otherwise, they will be afraid of brushing their teeth and always combine it with something negative.

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6. Always in The Bathroom

Some children like to run through the whole apartment before brushing their teeth and are turned up. Or it is better to sit in front of the television because they are distracted and you can then brush their teeth. However, if you start cleaning outside the bathroom, you will find it difficult to get the child used to the bathroom later. So think of an evening ritual that will take place in the bathroom. If necessary, you can also take your mobile phone or tablet with you and show a small video on it.

7. Include The Siblings

It is easier to learn such processes if the little ones notice that the siblings do the same. If you have several children, you should definitely include them and always go to the bathroom with the smaller one when the larger child does his evening routine. Then the little sibling will soon want to emulate his brother or sister and start brushing their own teeth. Always have a second toothbrush ready!


Your child just doesn’t want to brush his teeth despite all the rituals and bedtime stories? Please don’t give up and hold out. Think about how your child will suffer if the dentist has to drill the broken teeth. Sometimes there are phases when they just don’t want it. But that doesn’t mean you can give in then. If in doubt, you should speak to the dentist about the alternatives he has to ensure dental health.

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