How To Build a Better Relationship With Teenage Daughter

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The relationship of mothers with their teenage daughters is one of the most complexes relationships that is lived throughout life. There are cases in which everything is going well and there are no problems but that is not usual. Generally, mothers and daughters live during this stage moments of tension, ongoing discussions, and confrontations. It is common to listen to mothers of teenagers who report that while their daughters were girls everything was perfect between the two. They got along, talked and there was confidence in the relationship but when adolescence arrived, the daughters radically changed their way of relating to them and the problems began to arise.

The reasons are several and complex and not only come from the passage through the difficult adolescence of daughters but also from the stage of their life in which the mothers are. The first thing that mothers should do is to understand what is happening, both what happens to their daughters and, more importantly, what is happening to themselves.

Most women with teenage daughters are ages that are in the quarantine or in the fifties. And that means that almost all of them are going through menopause at that time. And the conjugation of adolescence and menopause is complicated. The two cause alterations in humor, also produce fear and insecurity. They are the two big changes in a woman’s life. When the mother’s menopause meets the daughter’s adolescence, sparks can jump. And here we are going to teach you to put out those sparks and enjoy your life and your daughter’s life without alterations.

Tips To Build a Better Relationship With Your Teenage Daughter

The first thing to know about this difficult relationship is that it does not have to be that hard. Strategies can be used to make things work differently so that the relationship is better.

Your Teenage Daughter Gets Older

One day suddenly, what until now was your little girl appears in the living room with one of your dresses, precisely the one with which you have always looked so youthful and so cute. And she looks prettier yet. What you feel when you see your daughter is, first, a sense of surprise because you discover that your girl is getting older and that makes you happy but, at the same time, you feel some apprehension or almost anger because she is prettier and younger.

Don’t worry about having those thoughts, they are the same as those of thousands of women in that circumstance. But you must overcome them because they can harm you and your daughter. You must analyze where they come from. The first thing you should understand is that they have nothing to do with your daughter, they refer exclusively to you. What has happened to you is that you have felt that your life is going towards its end, that your time is over. But that’s not true, one stage of your life is over but you have others ahead, as exciting, full of possibilities and rewarding as the previous ones or more.

Do Not Compete With Your Teenage Daughter

Some mothers who have that sense of loss begin a competition with their daughters. They try to be young again and analyze everything their daughters do from this position. It is a mistake. You cannot compete with a teenager. Fortunately, that stage of your life was left behind. You are now a mature adult. And your daughter is a teenage girl. Live your maturity fully taking advantage of its advantages and stop longing for the past tense because it will not return.

You Can Remain a Sexy Woman

It is not necessary to be a teenager to feel beautiful, sexy or intelligent. You can be all that at your age or even, you can be much more. In maturity you have overcome the problems of insecurity, you are much more stable in your work, you are much more capable of relating to your partner and your friends in a more relaxed and wiser way. And all this can give you many satisfactions if you do not try to be what you are not.

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Be Patient With Your Teenage Daughter

Be patient, it is true that menopause with its hormonal alterations makes it difficult but seeks a solution for it because it is worth living this relaxed and happy stage. Also, be patient with yourself, love yourself and thus you will also show better the love you feel for your teenage daughter.

Remember Your Adolescence

Remember when you were like her. Remember your confrontations with your mother. Surely they were not like your daughter’s with you but it is very likely that there were. Surely you too, like your daughter, had mood swings. Talk to your daughter about your adolescence, surely you can learn together.

Enjoy Your Teenage Daughter

Spend time with her, go out and organize activities together, you can go shopping and have fun with fashion, you can look for new makeup tricks, you can read, watch movies or travel … Also, share what happens to you and always keep in mind that she is her and you are you And both of you still have a great life ahead to enjoy and share

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