How Much Sleep Does a Baby Need?

by Khadija MAWHOUB

An infant’s sleep rhythm changes as it grows. The need for sleep is different for every child and many mothers are unsure whether their child will get enough sleep. Are you wondering how much sleep a baby needs for healthy development? We give you an overview of the different growth and age levels.

A Baby’s Sleep Pattern

Every baby has its own sleep pattern. But this is not innate, even though the infant already has a certain sleep-wake rhythm in the womb. Above all, a newborn still has to learn the alternation of day and night. Restful sleep also needs to be learned, because it is also not innate and the baby needs time to get used to sleeping outside the womb.

As soon as the baby is born, it learns to adjust to the day-night rhythm and to develop regular meal times. Of course, it can happen that his sleep times even change daily and the wake times also shift. It is therefore not possible to make a general forecast when a baby is sleeping and when it is awake. Of course, the family also has to adjust to the new daily routine. The more regulated you plan your daily routine, the sooner the baby will get used to eating and sleeping at certain times.

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How Much Sleep Does a Baby Need?

It is not possible to predict an exact number of hours since every child is really different and has an individual need to sleep. However, it is the case that a newborn initially sleep a lot during the day and the daytime sleep only shifts more and more to the night within the first year of life. Again, it can be different, maybe your baby sleeps through the night at 3 months and needs less sleep during the day. The following values ​​are therefore only guidelines. If your child deviates from this, you don’t need to be afraid that they won’t get enough sleep. Normally, the body gets the sleep it needs.

AgeSleep during the day Sleep at night
 1 month 7 hours 8 hours
 3 months 5 hours 10 hours
 6 months 3 hours 11 hours
9 months 3 hours 11 hours
12 months 2 hours 11 hours

In addition to the sleep during the day, there are of course little naps that your child takes in between when you go for a walk, spend a lot of time in the sling or after breastfeeding. In the first weeks of life, the baby will only sleep most of the day, usually waking up at four-hour intervals when it will drink and you can wrap it. Approximately from the 4th month onwards it slowly learns to get used to day and night times and it will stay awake longer and longer during the day. From about six months, most children sleep about 11 hours at night but sometimes wake up in between.

If your baby gains weight according to age, is active and develops normally, it is also not a concern if it should deviate from the information here. If you are concerned that your baby may sleep too much or too little, the best thing to do is ask your pediatrician for advice and have the baby examined. He can best tell you if everything is OK.

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Find The Right Sleep Rituals

You can support your baby so that he can find a good day and night sleep rhythm. Get him used to certain night rituals early and always put him to bed at the same time and in the same way. Whether and when the baby falls asleep can be very different. Some babies need a lot of closeness and affection to fall asleep, for other children a lullaby is enough. You just have to try whether this works for your child. There are countless options here.

There are also children who are used to sleeping with their parents. However, if you put the child in his bed early on, it’s better to get used to sleeping alone. In order to still have it with you and to react quickly, it is best to place the bed in the master bedroom. As a mother, you know your child very well and you will find out what it takes. But it is also important to give him regulated processes and not to deviate from them, then it also learns better to get used to such rhythms

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