Be Careful! Never Say These Harmful Sentences To Your Kids

by Khadija MAWHOUB

Without thinking too much, we keep shouting an exclamation that we as parents should never say. Actually, we weren’t meant to be angry, but children often don’t forget sentences like this all their lives. Because words are powerful and often resemble a verbal slap in the face. In addition: Children believe what their parents say and cannot differentiate between serious and “not really serious”. Anyone who has become aware of these things will avoid these taboo sentences in the future.

10 Harmful Sentences To Your Kids:

Harmful Sentences To Your Kids

1. Stop Crying! 

When your child cries, there is always a reason. Finding out is your job.

2. Your Brother Managed That Too! 

Comparisons with the siblings are taboo. Even if the content of your statement is correct, it hurts your child and puts him under enormous pressure. Always keep in mind: every child is different.

3. I’ve Never Seen a Child as Stupid as You Are! 

Sentences of this kind are pejorative and destroy children’s self-confidence. If you are disappointed or angry: First take a deep breath and count to three and only then react.

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4. You are Like your Father/Mother. 

When it comes to positive qualities, this sentence is of course perfectly fine. If not, you should save it. Children love their parents and often cannot understand the message behind them.

5. I Have No Time! 

For children, this means something like “you are not important to me”. If you don’t have time, explain this to your child in a friendly manner, and the message will get through properly.

6. A Man Knows No Pain! 

Yes, he does well. Little boys, in particular, can often hear this saying, which in turn leads to incorrect perception and hardening.

7. You Can’t Do it Anyway! 

It’s not your job to discourage your child, it’s the opposite: give them courage and show them how to deal with challenges.

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8. I’m Not Interested.

Disinterest is like deprivation of love and hurts unbelievably because children are dependent on the interest and love of their parents. Without them, they are completely helpless.

9. They Must Have Swapped You in The Hospital. 

A sentence that can also mean harmless and funny but be careful: children don’t understand irony yet. In the worst case, this leads to deep-seated fears.

10. It’s Your Fault! 

Children naturally have a strong sense of guilt. Please be particularly careful with phrases of this type!

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The general rule is: comparisons with siblings or friends hurt and are poison for our children’s self-confidence. Even sentences that begin with “always” or “never” should be removed from your language (you always leave your things lying around! You are never on time!). Be aware of how you speak to your children. Would you also speak to your friends or your own parents in this way? Yes? Then everything is in green. No? Then your formulations are clearly too harsh.

Slip out one of these sentences, don’t panic! If it is an isolated case, children can generally put up with it quite well. In any case, you should apologize to your child and then calmly explain to him where the suddenly growing frustration came from.

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