Everything You Need To Know About Sex During Pregnancy

by Khadija MAWHOUB

Pregnancy is a good time for sensuality. Often, the hormones go crazy and you fluctuate from complete listlessness to flowing hormones within a few days or even hours. In any case, anything that is fun and good for you is allowed. Fortunately, your baby is well protected during your ball term, so it’s safe for you to have sex during pregnancy!

Doctors used to warn of sex in pregnancy. Fortunately, that’s a thing of the past. The following applies today: what is fun is what you and your partner enjoy and do not hurt. As long as you feel good, sex during pregnancy is completely harmless. With a normal pregnancy, there is also no connection between sex during pregnancy and premature or miscarriage. On the contrary: women who regularly have pregnant sex are even less likely to give birth prematurely! So if you feel sexy and good as a mom-to-be, you should also live out your sexuality during pregnancy. So good times for love!

Sex During Pregnancy is Safe For Your Baby

Your baby is well protected in the womb during pregnancy. Several layers of muscle and tissue and the amniotic fluid in which your baby swims protect him like a buffer until the end of pregnancy. The mucus plug on the cervix also protects your child from rising germs. It doesn’t get any more of the up and down than if you otherwise move intensively. As a rule, nothing can happen to your baby during sex during pregnancy unless you do it too wildly. On the contrary, through the released endorphins, your baby will also get some of your happiness. The rumors that sex in pregnancy initiates childbirth are also incorrect.

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Sex Positions During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the mucous membranes are much better supplied with blood and the internal genital organs are getting bigger. As a result, many women find sex during pregnancy excitingly different and even better. However, hypersensitivity in the genital area can also lead to an uncomfortable feeling after pregnancy. Orgasm can make your stomach very hard. But that shouldn’t worry you, it’s completely harmless for you and your child. 

Furthermore, some positions with a ball belly are no longer possible, but you can do other exciting positions to get to know. The further your pregnancy progresses, the more unpleasant the missionary position during sex can become for you, for example. Your partner and you should look for positions and sexual practices in which you are not burdened too much by the weight of your partner. Your creativity is required here. The spoon position has generally proven itself during sex in pregnancy, but of course, this is only a classic. You will certainly come up with even more unusual positions!

When To Avoid Sex in Pregnancy

You should avoid sex during pregnancy if you experience bleeding and abdominal pain or if you are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. In the case of premature labor or a prematurely opened cervix, sex during pregnancy is also not advisable, as this can cause bacteria to get into the uterus.

 If you have a genital infection or a chronic illness such as diabetes, talk to your gynecologist beforehand and ask if you can have sex during pregnancy. The same applies if you previously had a miscarriage or expecting multiple babies. You should discuss with your doctor and midwife whether and until when it is okay for you to have sex during pregnancy. They can advise you based on your personal medical history.

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How Much Sex During Pregnancy is Normal

The fact that you and your partner become parents during your forty-week pregnancy can have different effects on your sex life. It can be much more intimate and passionate, but your lust can also fluctuate. Therefore, you should not take your partner’s withdrawal and sexual rejection personally. Because many expectant fathers are afraid of injuring or endangering their baby during sex during pregnancy. A conversation with your gynecologist or midwife can possibly calm him down and answer any open questions.

In addition, it can, of course, happen that you feel anything but sexy due to your increasing weight, swollen feet, and the increasing stretch marks and therefore you do not feel like it. It is important in any case that you speak to your partner and that you exchange ideas about possible fears. 

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When it comes to sex in pregnancy, only one thing applies, anything that is fun for you (and your partner) is allowed! If you are not suffering from a special risk pregnancy or complications arise, you can let off steam with your partner. Just keep in mind that certain positions in pregnancy are no longer easily possible, so you may need to be a little more creative.

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