Do Teens Need Their Friends More Than Their Parents

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The emergence of strong friendship relationships is one of the most important characteristics of adolescence. Often parents of teenagers live sadly what appears to be a departure from their children but this is not so. Understanding the keys to what the group of friends means for our teenage children will help parents to support teenagers in their growth and to accept that our children become adults.

At the beginning of adolescence, many boys and girls begin to prefer to spend more time with their friends than with their family. And although some parents live it with sadness they must understand that this is a perfectly natural process that will make our children grow up healthy. Moreover, adolescents without friends tend to be more lonely and unhappy and have greater difficulties to pass this stage.

Why Teens Need Their Friends:

Why Teens Need Their Friends

1- Teens Seek To Find Their Identity

The beginning of puberty with which adolescence begins is also the moment when human beings begin to seek their own identity. They are no longer children but they are not adults yet. The family that until now was their entire world now remains small, they need to go outside, establish new contacts, create networks of friends, discover the world and its place in it. And for that the group of friends is essential.

2- Teens Make Groups Of Similarity

Teens often build their group of friends with boys and girls similar to them. With the same hobbies, the same taste for certain clothes, equal interests, etc … With teenagers similar to them they are comfortable and with them establish their relationships of trust and loyalty. With them, they can talk about everything that happens to them because the same things are happening to them. Only that would already be beneficial for our children because thanks to their friends they understand that the process they are going through is natural and happen to everyone.

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3- Acceptance In A Group

But in addition, in the midst of the changes that adolescents experience, it is not important only to know that the same things happen to others, it is essential to be accepted as one is. And that is also provided by a group of friends.

4- First Step Into Independence

Often parents complain that their children just follow their friends and are equal to them in everything. Generally, that is not exactly the case. As the group is formed among equals, they all follow what others do. But the most important thing is that although it seems to us that they are all the same, they are taking advantage of their membership in the group to create their own identity. That of a boy or girl who is heading towards the world of adults. And although it hurts, there is a part of that process that is necessary for them to do outside the family.

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What Should Parents Do In Relation To Their Teen’s Friends?

1- Know Their Friends:

Parents of teenagers should meet their children’s friends. Since the influence of the group is usually very large during adolescence, the better you know the group that your daughter or teenage son goes out with, the easier it is for you to avoid problems.

2- Avoid Unimportant Problems With Your Teens:

It is good that parents of teenagers are attentive to the influences of the group on their children. The usual thing is that these are limited to unimportant issues such as the way of dressing, the music that is heard or the hobbies that are practiced. But in some cases, boys and girls may be influenced by negative things such as drug and alcohol use or other criminal or dangerous activities.

In that case, the parents must intervene immediately. And it is almost always beneficial to seek the help of an expert who guides them. The counselors of our children’s own school or one of the many associations that exist dedicated to protecting youth from these problems can help them. But in most cases, parents who are attentive to what their children do and who maintain a frank and trustful relationship with them can avoid these serious problems before they appear or become true nightmares.

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Who Do Teenagers Relate To?

Teenage groups are made up of boys and girls and although in general at the beginning of adolescence the closest relationships are formed between them regardless of gender, when adolescence progresses, normal is that girls establish stronger ties with other girls and boys with other boys.

After a while, things change again and begin to establish relations between both sexes that frequently end up with the formation of couples. But one thing that parents should take into account is that although that is the general norm, it can also happen that their daughter or son have a teenager of the other sex as a best friend. And that is not uncommon, it is perfectly normal and healthy

And One last tip for parents is to stimulate the friendships of their teenage children, to teach them to establish lasting social relationships but always to meet those friends.

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