11 Baby Tips For Everyday Life From Midwives

by Khadija MAWHOUB

The first hours, days and weeks with your baby are very special, but they also bring a lot of questions. Luckily, midwives have baby tips for everyday family life, baby care, minor ailments, and the best products for newborns for every occasion.

Tip 1: There is Not Too Much Love!

As a new parent, you hear it again and again: Don’t spoil the baby! No matter whether you pick up your little one the first time you cry, breastfeed it immediately and always and everywhere or you sleep together in the family bed. Just listen to your gut feeling as parents and to this midwife advice: What your baby (and you!) Needs now is closeness and love in abundance. When your baby cries, it just shows you that he needs you. So rely on your natural instinct – you cannot spoil your baby with love, time and attention.

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Tip 2: The Puerperium

It is not for nothing that the first weeks with babies are affectionately called “baby honeymoons”. Get to know each other, sniff yourselves – and slowly get used to the new life as parents. You don’t have to prove to anyone that you have a sparkling clean apartment with a baby, that every day is cooked with great effort and that you can call everyone back immediately. Enjoy baby happiness – your baby is so small, helpless and in need only once in his life. And you too have earned your time out and cuddling as a family.

Tip 3: Breast Milk Helps With Everything

Breast milk is a real all-rounder! It contains many valuable ingredients and is the best universal medicine for babies. And: It is always available everywhere.

Tip 4: Let Baby kick Naked

Let your baby kick with a bare bottom while changing diapers: Babies love freedom. In addition, the delicate skin can dry in peace and the little buttocks are superbly protected from beautiful skin. But it should be comfortably warm in the room.

Helpful: A radiant heater above the changing table. Also nice is a romper bag made of wool-silk or wool and cotton, in which your little one can kick with bare legs.

Tip 5: Flatulence Massage

Many babies experience bloating in the first few weeks. The reason is that the intestine takes time to fully mature. Help warmth and calm. A small massage or a belly wrap with fennel and caraway oil is helpful. Simply soak a handkerchief in the oil and place it on your baby’s stomach. A damp, warm (not hot!) Washcloth and a dry gauze bandage come over it. If your baby is wrapped up warm, the tummy wrap can stay overnight. A gentle abdominal massage with tummy oil while wrapping is also very relaxing and a nice cuddle unit for both of you.

Tip 6: Wool-silk Clothing is Always Right

Newborn babies find it difficult to maintain their body temperature. That is why wool-silk clothing is great because it is breathable and absorbs moisture quickly – and keeps the baby comfortably warm in the cold. It is also warm on the skin when you put it on. Unlike cotton clothing, wool-silk clothing is self-cleaning and does not need to be washed as often. 

Tip 7: Warm Water instead Of Wet Wipes

Even if wet wipes from the drugstore are practical for on the go: they sometimes contain questionable ingredients and are not very sustainable. A soft washcloth and warm water are enough to clean the baby’s bottom. It is best to put a thermos with lukewarm water on the changing table. If you want, you can also drizzle facial tissues or cotton pads with a few drops of oil (almond or coconut oil) – so you quickly have homemade, skin-friendly wet wipes.

Tip 8: Osteopathy Visit

An unfavorable position in mom’s belly, pressure on the little head at birth or a long birth process can lead to misalignments and blockages and can cause babies to sleep poorly, cry a lot or suffer from colic. Osteopaths specializing in babies can quickly identify the malposition – and gently correct it. In Australia and the USA, this “check” is already common practice for osteopaths and many midwives also recommend doing so. Sometimes the costs are even partially covered by health insurance.

Tip 9: Don’t Panic About Newborn Jaundice

Every second baby gets a slightly yellow skin tint in the first days of life. No panic! This is the completely normal and harmless newborn jaundice. Go for a walk with your baby and place the cot by the window. Sunlight ensures that the yellow blood pigment bilirubin is broken down.

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Tip 10: Baby Courses Are Not Compulsory

The range of courses for new mums is huge and you get the feeling that you have to fill up the diary with baby swimming, baby massage, Pekip, etc. If you like, very much! It is often nice to come out and make new contacts with mums. Do not feel like it? Not bad either! Even without baby courses and appointments, your baby will develop into a social, intelligent and happy person.

Tip 11: Rituals, Rituals, Rituals

Babies have no sense of time – rituals, therefore, give them structure in everyday life and the feeling of security. These do not have to be long and complicated. It is enough to make sure that everyday processes are relatively the same. This will make it easier for your baby to adjust to it. Unscheduled activities are of course still ok and nice, especially if your little one is in the sling with you.

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