10 Activities to do with children at home During The Quarantine

by Spotiance

You are in Quarantine with childrens and want to spend quality time with your children and at the same time entertain them? Here you have 10 ideas with crafts, games, activities, and recipes that you can make with your children.

1. Watch TV or movies:

I write first the option that everyone knows, but the truth is that children of this generation spend more time in front of the screen than all past generations and this has led to problems of obesity and health in general.

It is good for children to spend time outdoors, but when this is not possible and the family for any reason must stay at home, there are very good alternatives.

2. Play video games:

The second option during Quarantine with childrens is not my favorite, but I like that parents can at least be part of this activity if we wish.

New consoles such as the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 have video games that make children move a lot and even “learn” music and some sports. Buy a game like Punch-Out (boxing) or Just Dance (dance) and practice it with your children. The good thing about these games is that in addition to spending an entertaining family time (your children will be happy to beat you and let’s admit it, this is their territory), you will have a phenomenal “work out”.

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3. Read books:

Some time ago I shared my 10 favorite books for family reading during Quarantine with children, but the truth is that my favorite books change monthly, and as my daughter grows. What all the books we read do have in common is that I use them as a means of entertainment or education for my daughter.

There are topics such as cancer or death that can be very difficult to explain to children and books can be a very useful tool to communicate such important issues as these in a simple way and according to the age of our children. Books are also a means of sharing passions (parents and children reading about football), transmitting messages and entertaining children and adults.

4. Make art:

Quarantine with childrens is more fun with making art and crafting and drawing ; Most are made thinking of families and not artists so the materials are very simple and it is quite likely that you already have them at home.

Some tutorials that may interest you:

Yogurt painting: super good if you have small children who put everything in their mouths
Crown of pipe cleaners: you only need pipe cleaners
More crafts

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5. Cook:

You can invite your children to prepare dinner or propose to make a special and easy dessert like cookies or cupcakes. Cooking with children is not easy, but the key is to take into account that the activity is not a destination (ready meal) but a process that although sometimes chaotic, can be very entertaining. The children like to feel that they are a contribution and I assure you that they will be very proud of whatever they help to prepare.

Some recipes that may interest you

Banana Bread: Banana Cake
Watermelon Cake
Chocolate cupcakes
Oatmeal Cookies

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6. Create castles and forts:

If you have Legos you can use them to make different creations such as houses, forts or castles, but you can take the creation of forts to another level and use different elements that you surely have in your home such as bed cushions, armchair cushions, sheets, and blankets. Warn your children that this is a special activity and that although it is not allowed to take out the sheets and cushions to play on a day-to-day basis, you will make an exception in order for them to assemble “the best fort in the world”. This is one of my favorite activities and I recommend doing this activity after a day of cleaning in order that the floor or carpet where the cushions and sheets will be put is clean.

7. Play with toys:

Children receive toys for their birthdays, Christmas and other special dates, but the amount of time they spend playing with them is minimal. Sometimes, children don’t even remember what toys they have and the enthusiasm for a new toy lasts so little that they make them almost a waste of money. Check the toys your children have and invite them to use them. This can also be a good opportunity to get rid of toys that your children no longer use, and donate them to charity. You will see how the pieces and closets look much nicer and tidy with fewer things.

8. Dress up:

Board old clothes, hats, belts, ties and accessories in general, and invite children to create their own costumes. If you have costumes used for Halloween or school or nursery presentations, take them out and see how they manage to use them (although they are no longer good!).

Especially if you have young children, it is a good idea to have a box or trunk with costumes, clothes, and accessories that they can use and play. In addition to having fun, children will increase their capacity for creativity and imagination.

9. Play treasure hunt:

Take some relatively small items (such as tennis balls) and hide them around your home. Then let your children look for them and earn points for each “treasure” they find. To help them you can say “cold” when they are moving away from the object, and “hot” when they are going towards it in the right direction.

10. Sort:

And for the last one, I left an activity that despite not being very popular with children, it is necessary and can be fun. Ordering as a family is much faster and helps children understand the work that this activity means and then be more responsible and aware of maintaining order.

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