7 Easy Ways To Calm a Crying Baby

by Khadija MAWHOUB

Every mom knows a situation like this: the newborn cries and you do not know how to calm the crying baby. Young mothers in particular still have a lot of insecurities with their first child and do not know what to do if the baby cries. We have a few tricks that can help.

Reasons Why The Baby is Crying

There are many reasons why a baby cries. Does he need to have the diaper changed, is he hungry, gas or pain because of teeth or a growth spurt? The question of the cause of the screaming should always be the first that the mother asks. The answer to this usually results in one or two measures that can be taken.

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If your baby keeps crying for no apparent reason, it may be a crib baby. With babies, it is important that you give your baby plenty of sleep and a regular daily routine so that he can get used to the unfamiliar world and is exposed to as little stress as possible.

7 Ways To Calm Your Crying Baby

If your newborn cries for a long time in a row, this can become an ordeal for you and your nerves.

1. Satisfy Your Baby’s Needs

Sure, if you have found that the baby is crying because of the full diaper, the best solution is, of course, to change it as soon as possible. Hunger can be combated quickly by breastfeeding.

2. Babies Love Gentle Movement

Gentle movements can help to relax crying babies. However, not every child reacts in the same way. So try several methods and find out what your little one likes best. The following movements can help:

  • Cradle him in your arms or move it up and down. Of course, you can also use a cradle for weighing. The closeness to your body is also good for your offspring and gives them security and warmth.
  • Take a short walk around the apartment or around the block.
  • Put your baby in the car and do a little jaunt together.
  • Stroke your baby’s back and knock gently.

Note: No matter how loud your baby cries and how angry or desperate you are, you must never shake him! The movements should always be gentle and slow, otherwise shaking trauma can occur, which can have serious consequences for your offspring.

3. Crying Baby May Just Need To Sleep

If the day was particularly exciting, the child may be a little over the top and find it difficult to relax. Then a little nap can work wonders. Important: Make the bedroom as dark as possible and try to switch off all possible stimulus. In addition, babies need different amounts of sleep depending on their age.

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4. Use Distraction To Calm Your Crying Baby

You know it well from yourself: If you are in pain, it is advantageous to look for a job that distracts you as well as possible. The same goes for the little ones. If you want to calm your crying baby down, it can also help to present a new toy or an exciting household item (such as an aquarium). 

5. Soothing Sounds Calm Babies

It’s not for nothing that young children are singing beautiful lullabies. Regardless of whether you use your own voice or prefer to put on a CD, the main thing is that the melody is as quiet as possible and has a slow rhythm. Even humming can calm the baby.

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6. Give Your Baby A Massage

Brush your baby’s feet, back, and stomach with a little oil or cream. You can also massage it gently. there is now a baby spa too, to learn how to massage your baby and how to float it

7. Give Pacifiers or Fingers

It is not for nothing that the technical term for a pacifier is a soother. If you let your crying baby suckle on one of them, it will be very relaxing. Has the teat gone, as is so often the case? Then you can also wash your hands and let him suck on your little finger.

Should You Let The Baby Cry?

At this point, the spirits differ. Many worried mothers don’t want to leave their baby alone, others don’t see it that closely. The fact is, a crying baby has a need or problem that it wants to communicate. If they are left alone in this situation, they will continue to be stressed and this can harm the child in the long run. Among other things, the immune system can be weakened and the baby can fall ill more often. Growth and the ability to learn can also be impaired.

So when the baby cries, it is important to show that you are there for him. The closeness gives him protection, a feeling of security and trust that he will be comforted. Even if the reason for the baby’s crying is not always immediately apparent, you shouldn’t just let him cry.

Even if the screaming can be grueling at times, always try to stay calm yourself and not show your frustration. You will find that when you stay calm and secure, this feeling usually spills over to your child. The best way to calm your crying baby down is to find out yourself over time.

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