10 Tips To Avoid Pregnancy Sickness

by Khadija MAWHOUB

Even if it is a common pregnancy symptom, not all mommies suffer from nausea: it does not occur at all in 30%. For the other 70%, it says: persevere! For most of the morning (and afternoon, evening, nocturnal …) nausea passes by the beginning of the second trimester just as fast as it initially wraps us. This was only a small consolation to me in early pregnancy, when I was dragging myself by the hour every day. Fortunately, there was a lot that helped a lot: here are the best remedies for pregnancy sickness plus all the good information that is on the subject.

From When and How Long Does it Last?

In most moms, pregnancy sickness begins at the 5th or 6th week of pregnancy and reaches its peak at the 8th and 9th week of pregnancy. It is often superseded by sudden food cravings almost overnight at the beginning of the second trimester. In some mums, nausea it holds the entire pregnancy or comes back in the third trimester when the baby presses more on the stomach.

Is Pregnancy Sickness Dangerous?

In general, the more or less constant feeling of nausea is just an unpleasant side effect and may even be a good sign that your baby is developing well. Also, if you can not look after a healthy diet or lose weight for several weeks as planned, your baby will not miss anything as long as you have a good pregnancy vitamin. Nevertheless, you should inform your gynecologist about nausea and go directly to the following symptoms:

  • Weight loss over 1 kg
  • Brown or bloody vomit
  • You have to surrender more than three times a day
  • You can not eat or drink anything
  • palpitations
  • dizziness
  • Dark or missing urine

Frequent vomiting can quickly lead to dehydration. About 3% of pregnant moms suffer from an extreme form of morning sickness which requires medical attention.

What Is The Reason For Pregnancy Sickness?

Experts are not quite sure what is responsible for frequent nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. The strong hormonal changes and especially the initial rapid increase of the Luteal hormone HCG as well as low blood sugar and circulatory problems are hot candidates. Coupled with a lack of sleep and stress, which many mothers already plague at the beginning of the pregnancy, this can really go on the stomach. 

The increase in estrogen increases our sense of smell so that we smell everything around us more intense. In addition, there is the theory that our body reacts automatically to possible pollutants that could be dangerous to the baby. No coincidence, then, that most moms are already sick at the thought of cigarette smoke, alcohol and coffee. 

10 Tips Against Pregnancy Sickness

As funny as morning sickness in movies often looks, The physical symptoms, which often last many weeks, can extremely limit and burden expectant moms. Not to forget morning sickness occurs at a time when we usually want to (still) keep our pregnancy secret. So here are our 11 tips on how to alleviate your pregnancy sickness:

Tip 1: Drink a lot and slowly

A lot of fluid keeps your circulation stable. Many small sips are best because drinking too fast can quickly irritate your empty stomach. Especially good is room-warm to lukewarm water or tea. Lukewarm drinks make you green in the face? Then try ice cold or hot water. 

The temperature difference can provide so much distraction that it makes drinking easier. For me, ice-cold coconut water was the salvation. Incidentally, that’s great, too, because it brings the electrolyte balance back into balance when you’re really sick.

Tip 2: Breakfast in Bed

Especially when the blood sugar in the cellar is early, you get dizzy and bad when getting up. A pack of crackers and a glass of water on the nightstand can do wonders. Also a great reason, you often bring breakfast to bed.

Tip 3: Snacks Always and Everywhere

Physicians recommend five to six small meals a day to avoid an empty stomach. Even as soon as the dull feeling is felt again, snacks are ideal in between. Whether in the handbag, in the desk drawer or on the bedside table: I always had a pack of dried fruit, nuts, granola bars, and a banana. 

Tip 4: Protein Helps Against Nausea!

Many protein-rich snacks and meals are easily digestible and filling: yogurt, low-fat cheese and nuts are well tolerated by most mothers. Baked potatoes with cottage cheese or vegetable sticks with hummus are also well tolerated until you are back in the same room with curries, burgers and pasta dishes.

Tip 5: Cereal Waffles

Dry, starchy foods help many moms with nausea. For the first few weeks, I was so sick of it that I could barely stand it at my desk for ten minutes at a time until I tried popcorn and cereal waffles. Thus, the almost constant crunching brought me well through the day and warded off some nausea attacks. 

Even if they are not nutrient bombs, corn (or spelled) waffles have few calories, fill the stomach, and are tastelessly tasteless. With a portion of nut butter or hummus, they even go through as a meal replacement, until you feel better again. 

Tip 6: Ginger

Freshly brewed ginger calms the stomach and stimulates your metabolism at the same time: A great mixture for nausea, which is now scientifically proven. At the same time, honey combats low blood sugar, which is often one of the reasons why pregnant women get sick. Also candied ginger or stale Gingerale are great for in between. 

Tip 7: Take Time Out

Some mommies can hardly sit still in nausea, others like to go to bed only. If that’s the case with you, take the time out if you can. Some mothers are planning to go on vacation for the 8th and 9th weeks of pregnancy to rest. Sometimes, however, a day in between, when you do not have to constantly hide your nausea, is enough. 

On very bad days it says: Off to the doctor! Bad nausea for which you are unlikely to get out of bed is definitely a reason to get you sick. Even if you are “only” pregnant, as outsiders like to notice.

Tip 8: Take Deep Breaths!

Deep breathing relaxes, distracts and the extra portion of oxygen stabilizes your circulation. It is also great against stress and nervousness. Put your hands lightly on your stomach, breathe deeply and feel with the Look for how your abdomen rises and lowers. 

Tip 9: Fool The Nose

That one gets bad from the passing garbage truck is quite normal. but for pregnant mothers, it can be from the shampoo to the chewing gum to everything there. The reason for this is the increase in estrogen, The hormone enhances our sense of smell, and during pregnancy, production is known to be in full swing. 

A great trick is a small lavender pillow, a vial of vanilla extract or a sprig of rosemary in your pocket can help you quickly if you tempt it on the way. Just try what smells the best for you! 

Tip 10: Take Pregnancy Vitamins Properly

A good pregnancy vitamin with folic acid is important if you are temporarily unable to (or do not keep) a healthy diet. 

Your gynecologist will be happy to advise you. A good tip, however, is to always take the tablet with a meal or a snack, because it can quickly lead to nausea.

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