10 Essential Tips To Get Pregnant Quickly

by Khadija MAWHOUB

How do I get pregnant? Is the common question when trying to conceive. In order for it to finally work, small things sometimes play a role. Pay attention to the right time (the fertile days are crucial) and a healthy diet. Support your body with special micronutrient complexes, stop smoking, avoid stress, do sports and exercise a lot in the fresh air. The man can also do his part to help the woman become pregnant.

These tips can help increase your chances of pregnancy.

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1- Know Your Fertile Days

The chances of getting pregnant are highest a few days before and after ovulation. There are several methods to determine these fertile days. Whether with the temperature method, cervical mucus observation or simple calculation with the help of an ovulation calendar, it is worthwhile to get to know your own cycle better. But don’t get stuck on sex on schedule! A study shows that regular sex outside of fertile days increases the chances of getting pregnant.

2- Avoid Pressure

So don’t put yourself under pressure. Sure, that’s easier said than done, especially when the baby you want is a long time coming. But try not to overdo it with introspection! Even if your desire to have children is very strong, strictly on schedule, special sex positions and convulsive attempts will not help. This is negative stress and is more for contraception than a quick pregnancy. Actually, it is a great mechanism of nature to make childbirth not so easy in times of high stress. So: don’t forget the fun factor!

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3- Eat Healthily

The hormonal balance is the most important prerequisite for it to work with getting pregnant. And you can do a lot for that: Make sure your diet is healthy and balanced, so your body receives all the nutrients it needs. In concrete terms, this means lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, sufficient whole grain and milk products, regular fish and meat as a source of iron and protein.

4- Limit Pleasure Drugs

Avoid negative influences such as excessive alcohol and coffee consumption. But don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with a glass of red wine or a morning cup of coffee. However, you should only consume both stimulants in moderation. On the other hand, you should give up smoking altogether. Studies show that nicotine disrupts the female hormone balance and can impair male fertility. Therefore: stay away from the glow stick, for your health and fertility.

5- Healthy Weight

The body weight plays a role in fertility, doctors agree. Overweight but also underweight disturb the hormonal balance and can lead to sterile phases in men and women. In the case of unwanted childlessness, doctors, therefore, advise heavily overweight women to lose weight first before they use artificial horror treatment. Then it might work out with getting pregnant naturally. Even with a medical desire to have children, the chances of success for women of approximately normal weight are greater than for obese patients.

6- Reduce Stress

A lot of stress at work and your head is running at full speed all the time? You should avoid that. Studies provide evidence that stress can get in the way of conception. So relax and try to leave little room for negative stress and worry. Yoga and other relaxation techniques, as well as relaxing hobbies, can help.

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7- Exercise

Exercise gets your body going, regulates weight, improves blood circulation and has a positive effect on hormone balance in men and women. But don’t overdo it, because competitive sports reduce the chances of getting pregnant quickly. One to two hours of sport per week at a moderate level is enough to make the body fit for pregnancy. Suitable sports are, for example, walking, yoga or light fitness training. In addition, incorporate as much movement as possible into your everyday life: take the stairs instead of the elevator, cycle to work, go for a walk during lunch break and so on.

8- Healthy and Fit

Again, the hint: A healthy body is a be-all and end-all for fertility. If your pregnancy doesn’t work right away and you start to have doubts, have your family doctor thoroughly check you out. Are the thyroid values in the green? Is the blood count normal? Does the cardiovascular system work as it should? What about the supply of iron, vitamin B12, and Co.? The first difficulties can be identified and dealt with here. And if everything is okay, you can look forward to the baby bump soon.

9- Sperm Quality

In order to get pregnant quickly, the female body must support conception in the best possible way, but of course, the partner’s sperm quality also plays an important role. Unhealthy factors such as being overweight or underweight and lack of exercise, but above all high nicotine consumption reduce these. Underwear that is too tight and – no joke – regular and too hot bathing and saunas damage the mobility of the sperm. So take on your partner! Incidentally, although a man remains fertile throughout his life, the quality of sperm also decreases with age. 

10- Just Don’t Despair

Last but not least, even if it is difficult: do not try to despair. Sometimes it takes time for the child of your choice to set off. Pregnancy is not something that can be planned at 100 percent. Take our tips to heart and keep calm. The first practice cycles were unsuccessful? We have a little consolation for you: According to statistics, around 85 percent of women become pregnant within a year. So just keep trying. And if it just doesn’t work out naturally, you still have the option of medical fertility treatment. The health insurance companies cover at least part of the costs, and in the case of unmarried couples, the federal government takes part. 

One More Last Thing

Desiring to have children often results in the question “Should I get pregnant?” come up. This may concern you more than you realize. These concerns can also negatively affect your willingness to conceive.

So talk to your partner and your family in good time about the plan to get pregnant. Ask both of your families if there are inherited diseases that can affect your baby’s life. Together with your partner, put the cards face-up on the table. Think together about how you can shape life as a family. If necessary, ask your doctor and advice centers for support options and government aid for expectant parents.

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