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water intake calculator

Water Intake Calculator

Water is essential to hydrate the body, and more broadly for life.
Did you know that the human body is made up of 60% water? This figure even rises to 70% in babies.

Water is the main constituent of a human body. However, each day, we lose around two liters of water via perspiration, urine or respiration. By drinking regularly, we compensate for the daily water losses from our body and maintain the water balance.

The water balance means the right balance for the body. You have to be vigilant, because dehydration can be extremely dangerous: it leads to a coma, and then to death.

protein intake calculator

Protein Intake Calculator

Protein is a nutrient found in foods, especially in meat. Proteins are part of the 3 essential nutritional elements for the human body with carbohydrates and lipids, and play a very important role in the development and recovery of muscles. They participate in the metabolism of the human body.

If you do bodybuilding, you will often hear about the importance of protein on muscle growth. Proteins are, in a way, the cornerstone of our muscles, the molecular basis that builds and repairs muscle tissue. It is therefore very important to get enough high quality protein in order to build and maintain your muscles.

bmi calculator

Body Mass Index Calculator

Invented in the 1840s, the body mass index or BMI allows you to know if your weight is ideal , in other words, if it is adapted to your size. This indicator is used by doctors to assess nutritional status. It thus makes it possible to recognize undernutrition, thinness, overweight or obesity . The BMI calculation , validated by the WHO, is based on a simple mathematical formula.

Because weight alone is not enough to diagnose obesity , overweight or excessive thinness; The body mass index (BMI) is a more reliable indicator than weight to assess your build. Man or woman, calculate your BMI in one click and discover its meaning according to the classification of the World Health Organization (WHO).

body fat calculator

Body Fat Calculator

When it comes to losing weight or even the question of a healthy figure, the body fat percentage plays a crucial role. By definition, this is the percentage of fat stored in the body in relation to the total weight.

This value is significantly more valid than, for example, the Body Mass Index (BMI), because not only the weight but also the distribution between muscles and fat is taken into account. On the other hand, the body fat percentage as an indicator of health also reaches its limits if it is not possible to differentiate between storage fat or depot fat, belly fat and insulating fat. In other words, it always depends on where the fat layers are stored in the body, with belly fat generally being considered to be of particular concern.

pregnancy calculator

Pregnancy Calculator

9 months is the time that your pregnancy will last… In days, that makes an average of 280 from the first day of your last period, or 266 days after the date of fertilization. No need to take out your calculator! This simple tool will calculate the date of your birth for you!
Do you want to know when your delivery is due?
Just enter the date of the first day of your last period and The date of your birth will appear, an estimate of course!

time calculator

Time Calculator

Do you need to know how much time has passed between two dates for a personal project or a business project ? This calculator makes it easy. we provide you with several tools to make your life easier and make your calculations quickly in a few steps.

Simply fill in the fields of the online calculator with the two dates you want to compare, in figures. Then click on Calculate . You will immediately get the time that has elapsed between these two dates , expressed in days as well as hours.

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