Caffeine in Coffee & Why You Better Try Caffeine Alternatives

by Mehdi BAH

What is Inside a Coffee Cup :

This is why the world produces more than 16 billion pounds of coffee beans per year. It’s actually an alkaloid plant toxin (like nicotine and cocaine), a bug killer that stimulates us by blocking neuroreceptors for the sleep chemical Adenosine. The result: you, awake.


Hot H2O is a super solvent, leaching flavors and oils out of the coffee bean. A good cup of joe is 98.75 percent water and 1.25 percent soluble plant matter. Caffeine is a diuretic, so coffee newbies pee out the water quickly; java junkies build up resistance.


2-Ethypphonel Creates a tarlike, medicinal odor in your morning wake-up. It’s also a component of cockroach alarm pheromones, chemical signals that warn the colony of danger.

Quinic Acid:

Quinic acid gives coffee its slightly sour flavor. On the plus side, it’s one of the starter chemicals in the formulation of Tamiflu.

3,5 Dicaffeoylquinic Acid:

When scientists pretreat neurons with this acid in the lab, the cells are significantly (though not completely) protected from free-radical damage. Yup: Coffee is a good source of antioxidants.

Dimethyl disulfide

Dimethyl disulfide is a product of roasting the green coffee bean, this compound is just at the threshold of detectability in brewed java. Good thing, too, as it’s one of the compounds that gives human feces its odor.


Coffee is rich with Acetylmethylcarbinol , buttery taste in your daily jolt comes in part from this flammable yellow liquid, which helps give real butter its flavor and is a component of artificial flavoring in microwave popcorn.


Ever wonder what makes spoiled meat so poisonous? Here you go. Ptomaines like putrescine are produced when E. coli bacteria in the meat break down amino acids. Naturally present in coffee beans, it smells, as you might guess from the name, like Satan’s outhouse.


Chemically, it’s a molecule of niacin with a methyl group attached. It breaks down into pyridines, which give coffee its sweet, earthy taste and also prevent the tooth-eating bacterium Streptococcus mutans from attaching to your teeth. Coffee fights the Cavity Creeps and Trigonelline is unstable above 160 degrees F, the methyl group detaches, unleashing the niacin—vitamin B3—into your cup. Two or three espressos can provide half your recommended daily allowance.

In general, if you want to get through the day in good shape, you have to drink enough, preferably water. Because with increasing lack of fluids, the concentration decreases. And there are other means – not just liquids – that are designed to wake and keep you awake in the short or long term. That’s why coffee is good for your health.
What is Inside a cup of coffee – video by WIRED

Why You Should Limit Your Coffee Consumption:

When it comes to coffee, it’s so easy to fall into overconsumption … I’ve been there! 400 mg of caffeine is the maximum daily limit recommended for most adults, about 3 to 4 cups per day. Passing this threshold will not help your body, which will be exposed to a risk of caffeine overdose and other health problems. Although the effects of excessive caffeine consumption vary from person to person, they often include the following:


Once you’ve gotten your body used to relying on coffee to wake up, it’s hard to start the day differently… moreover, your body develops tolerance, which means that you need more and more to feel the effects.

Lack of Energy:

Because caffeine can only stimulate the adrenal system of the body for a short time, it follows that you are often more exhausted than before, counterproductive, right?

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Weight gain:

Because caffeine can increase the level of the stress hormone cortisol, excessive coffee consumption can lead to weight gain over time.

Additional stress:

This same cortisol triggers the production of insulin in your body, which can increase inflammation and decrease your overall insulin sensitivity. This makes it difficult for cells to respond to blood sugar, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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In some cases, these unpleasant palpitations can cause dizziness or fainting, and in extreme cases, they can trigger serious cardiovascular problems like a heart attack.


Coffee is a natural laxative, drinking too much at once can trigger diarrhea. Instead, fill up on fiber and reduce your caffeine intake.


A little coffee can improve a headache by making your pain medication more effective, too much caffeine, on the other hand, will make your headache much more severe!

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Mineral Deficiency:

Excessive caffeine intake can affect your kidneys’ ability to store calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other essential minerals. Instead of being absorbed by food, they are excreted in the urine.

Low-Quality Sleep:

Because caffeine stays in your system for up to six hours after drinking it, a few cups in the late afternoon can seriously affect your ability to fall asleep.

Excessive Acid Exposure:

Due to its high acid content, drinking coffee can cause cramps and painful indigestion as well as heartburn.

You “don’t have the right”, simply because you are pregnant or breastfeeding, and caffeine and breastfeeding do not mix well for babies
Your Brain On Coffee – Video By asapSCIENCE

The alarm clock just rang, and the only thing that can get you out of bed is a good cup of coffee, right?

You are not alone ! But if this daily surge of caffeine starts to make you feel like you’re trapped in your Starbucks, it may be time to start looking for healthy alternatives to coffee.

Nine Coffee Alternatives To Try:

Green Tea:

Like coffee, green tea contains caffeine, three to five percent. “Because caffeine is bound to tannins, it works more slowly than with coffee,” Bischoff explains. So if you don’t need a quick kick, you can resort to tea. Matthias Riedl’s tip: Only pour 80 degrees warm water over it and let it steep for a short while. This means fewer tannins are contained, explains the diabetologist.

Black and Other Tea:

The tea in black tea doesn’t put on as quickly as coffee. Its effect lasts longer, says nutritionist Jessica Hinteregger-Männel – both positive and negative.

“Depending on the amount, you can also get a racing heart or irritate the gastric mucosa if you have a sensitive stomach.” The caffeine content of mate tea is comparatively low – but it also contains theobromine, which is similar to caffeine. The problem: Mate tea can make you nervous like coffee.


The best natural caffeine alternative for nutritionists Riedl. However, guarana has a higher caffeine content than coffee. If the amount is too large, you may experience a racing heart, headache or stomach discomfort, Männel warns.

Pregnant and nursing women should be particularly careful. As a dose, he recommends one gram with breaks between doses. The effect of guarana occurs more slowly and gently than with coffee, as caffeine is bound to tannins, just like in tea.

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Raw Cocoa:

In its original form, cocoa also contains activating substances such as theobromine, but only very little caffeine. The effect of a piece of dark chocolate, for example, is therefore extremely low, says Riedl. “A table is roughly equivalent to espresso, so that’s not recommended,” Bischoff says.

Sharpness and Freshness:

Spicy foods have a stimulating effect, for example, a ginger-lemon tea. “It’s best to drink the little freshness kick regularly throughout the day,” Männel suggests. The sharpness of the ginger stimulates circulation and promotes blood circulation.

The root also kills bacteria in the mouth. Bischoff relies on freshly squeezed orange juice for long-term refreshment, ideally combined with muesli. “If you eat protein, the insulin release is not quite as high, the sugar flash can be extended.”


A non-essential amino acid that is ingested through food. It is artificially added to energy drinks and is said to increase physical and mental performance. However, the experts agree that this has not been scientifically proven.

“An advertising stunt,” says Männel. Besides, taurine is contained in breast milk, so it cannot have a stimulating effect, adds Bischoff.

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It helps only in the short term. “After that, the blood sugar drops again, which only makes us unconcentrated and restless,” says Riedl. The glucose contained in the glucose is quickly broken down by the body’s insulin, explains Männel. The result: cravings.

Sleep and Meditation:

“Meditation has an incredibly focused effect,” explains Riedl, “like a kind of short sleep.” He recommends to all those who have a lot to do and have to work with a high level of concentration to learn to meditate – or simply set the alarm clock and switch off for ten minutes.

“Certain acupressure points, when pressed briefly, improve attention”, adds Männel and names, for example, the “third eye” in the middle of the eyebrows between the root of the nose and the base of the forehead. Stimulation of this point is said to clear the mind and improve memory.

Movement and Music:

How about a walk for lunch break? This relaxes the eyes, stimulates the blood circulation and lets you breathe easy. “For me, good music is the best doping,” says Bischoff. A great song with a corresponding beat provides a lot of energy and makes you happy. Quite legally.

Seven Things You Can Do With Coffee Grounds:

Morning coffee is almost vital for many people. Without the stimulant, they are neither responsive nor edible. That is why not only appreciate themselves but also their surroundings, the hot drink very much. But the supposed waste product that arises when brewing coffee – the coffee grounds – is also valuable and much too good to throw away. You can use it in the garden, home, and bathroom, replacing a wide range of drugstore products. We’ll tell you the fifteen most interesting applications in this article. 

Cellulite Peeling

Drinking coffee while showering may still work, but take coffee grounds under the shower? What is that supposed to achieve? Quite simply: Most anti-cellulite care products contain caffeine, which improves blood circulation and dilates the blood vessels. With a little olive oil and coffee grounds, you create an inexpensive and effective anti-cellulite peeling that also massages toxins and fat deposits out of the cells.

Natural Coffee Soap

You can also use the positive properties of coffee grounds (anti-cellulite effect, peeling power, odor neutralization) by making a coffee grounds soap.

Eye Cream 

Our homemade eye cream made from coffee grounds, olive, and coconut oil puts an end to tired eyes and swelling. 

Hair Cure 

If you add some coffee grounds to your shampoo or simply use it as a coffee grounds conditioner, you will give your hair strength and shine. This method is particularly recommended for darker hair types, which give the coffee a warm, rich brown tone.

Touch Up Scratches 

Small scratches in dark wooden furniture can be cheated away with coffee grounds. To do this, moisten the coffee grounds slightly and apply them with a Q-Tip or a sponge. The coffee grounds fill the grooves, the oil contained closes them. The scratch becomes invisible.

Remove odors

 Coffee grounds themselves have a strong aroma, but they also absorb foreign smells very easily. You can use this property to compensate for bad smells, for example after cutting onions. After handling onions, garlic or leek, rub your hands with some coffee grounds. They smell neutral again. Coffee grounds can also help against unpleasant odors and sweaty feet. Sprinkle a handful of coffee grounds into your smelly shoes and let the powder work overnight. The next day the smell of sweat disappeared!

Fresh coffee powder will help if your refrigerator has a strong smell of cheese or other undesirable flavors are spreading. Put a small bowl of fresh coffee powder in the fridge, it works wonders! Just brew the coffee afterwards.

Clean the Grill, Pans and Glass Vases

 Stubborn dirt on the grillage and seared pans and pots are easy to clean with coffee grounds. This works like scouring milk, but completely without chemicals. You can get rid of deposits in flower vases and bottles with coffee grounds if you put a spoon or two of coffee grounds in the jar and pour hot water over them. Shake well, let stand for at least an hour. Clean.

Conclusion :

We know that everyone loves coffee, I Love COFFEE but I limit my consumption for 1 cup per week and drink it if only I can’t overcome the need for that cup of coffee, sometimes my coffee addiction makes me feel anxious and lot of headache that won”t calm without that cup of coffee, took me a while to limit my coffee intake.

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