Top 6 Surprisingly Cheap Countries To Visit In 2020

by Mehdi BAH

Beach vacation, city ​​trip or vacation with the family – who doesn’t like to spend a few days with their loved ones in a nice vacation spot?

The good news is even if you are a little tight on cash, there are many holiday countries in Europe that you can travel cheaply. We have put together especially cheap holiday countries for your holiday in 2019 for you.

You can save a lot of money if you move away from the well-known holiday countries Spain, Greece or Italy, although you can also make many bargains there and spend a cheap holiday. In recent years, Bulgaria and Hungary, for example, have become increasingly popular and yet inexpensive.

Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Slovenia are insider tips for a cheap short break. Get inspired for your next low-budget vacation and discover places you haven’t thought of before.

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1. Bulgaria

In recent years, Bulgaria has again become an absolute top destination among the cheap countries. The sunny beach on the Black Sea, in particular, is a popular travel destination for many when it comes to cheap beach holidays. The fine sandy beach is around eight kilometers long and up to 100 meters wide. Here you can spend a nice beach vacation with the family or a party vacation with friends. Because the sunny beach is the most important travel destination in Bulgaria and has a distinctive nightlife with many clubs and bars.

Limiting Bulgaria only to the sunny beach and party tourists would be more than unfair. If you are looking for untouched nature for hiking and unique places, then you have come to the right place. The Rila Mountains near the Bulgarian capital Sofia are perfect for hiking. You should visit the Rila monastery. It is still inhabited by monks today but is also a popular destination for tourists. The Rila Monastery has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1976.

In the Bulgarian capital Sofia, you can spend an unforgettable city ​​trip. The city is characterized by wide avenues and stately buildings. Here you can feel the spirit of the past and the change from principality to tsarism and the People’s Republic after the Second World War.

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You have the choice between museums, large parks, such as the Borisova Gradina or the zoological garden, which was founded in 1888. In the numerous restaurants and bars in downtown Sofia, you can experience the vibrant nightlife of the capital.

Our tip: Visit the Rakia Raketa Bar at Zaimov Park in downtown Sofia. There you can get delicious and modern Bulgarian cuisine in a hip and hip restaurant and all at unbeatable prices.

  • The cheapest travel time for Bulgaria: from April to September

2. Croatia

he next cheap vacation country for 2019 that we want to show you is Croatia. The country on the Adriatic is of course no longer an insider tip, but it is still a vacation country where you can spend a nice vacation relatively cheaply.

The country is particularly popular because you can reach it very quickly by car and of course by plane from Germany. Of course, the Croatian islands are particularly popular, as they roam the Adriatic coast of the country. The islands of Krk, Rab and Pag are particularly popular with German holidaymakers. They will all enchant you with long sandy beaches and their beautiful nature.

If you are more into a city break or if you do not want to choose between beach and culture, then you should spend your vacation in Dubrovnik, Zadar or Split. The three coastal cities are known for their beautiful old towns and long history. Dubrovnik is also one of the cheapest travel destinations for 2019. The Croatian capital Zagreb inland is just as beautiful and not yet very popular with tourists. If you are a nature lover, you should check out the Plitvice Lakes. This picturesque lake landscape with its green and blue shimmering lakes is one of the most important tourist destinations and is one of the Croatia sights that you should visit.

  • The cheapest travel time for Croatia: from May to September

3. Hungary

When it comes to city trips, the Hungarian capital Budapest has long since established itself among the most popular travel destinations and is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Here you can experience history at your fingertips. Visit the St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Castle District or the Castle Palace.

Not only the many impressive sights make Budapest so popular, but also because they can be reached inexpensively by plane or train from Germany. And you don’t have to worry about big expenses on site. Budapest is one of the cheapest holiday destinations in Europe.

Away from the Hungarian capital, it is primarily Lake Balaton that is particularly popular with German and local tourists. From May to September you have great opportunities for lots of sun and little vacation costs. Around Lake Balaton, you will find a large number of cheap hotels, apartments and guest houses. Popular waterfront locations include Keszthely on the north shore, Siófok on the south shore, or Balatonfüred on the northeast shore.

The Balaton is particularly suitable for holidays with small children. In most places, you will not find a beach, but paid swimming spots, which consist of a green lawn and permanent access to the water. So people who are no longer sure-footed are guaranteed to be in good hands and come comfortably into the water. This is usually so flat that you only have to walk a few meters before you can start swimming.

  • The cheapest travel time for Hungary: from May to September

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4. Poland

Anyone who travels to our beautiful neighboring country, Poland, probably still has to hear a few sayings about the risk that they might come back without their car, but that shouldn’t stop you from venturing there. Because Poland is of course much more than what the prejudices claim.

Here you can not only go on a particularly cheap holiday but also have the choice between city breaks or beach holidays. Favorable vacation spots in Poland are the two big cities Warsaw and Krakow. Picturesque old towns and small prices await you there. So if you want to make a particularly cheap city trip, then you should write Warsaw and Krakow at the top of your list.

But there is also a lot to discover in Poland outside of these two metropolises. If not as cheap, but still cheaper than in Germany, you can, for example, spend a wonderful wellness holiday in the Polish Baltic Sea. In summer, the Polish Baltic Sea is also worthwhile for a beach holiday with a child and a bowling pin. In contrast to the German North or Baltic Sea, you can still spend a real bargain holiday here.

  • Favorable travel time for Poland: from May to September

5. Turkey

n the past two years, the prices for a vacation in Turkey have virtually descended. This is not particularly nice for the hoteliers and restaurateurs in the country but for you reason enough to secure a break in the cheap holiday country.

The two top travel regions for a beach holiday on true picture-perfect beaches are the Turkish Riviera and the Turkish Aegean. In addition to the fine sandy beaches, the crystal-clear water is of particularly good quality and invites you to take a refreshing bath.

With your cheap vacation in Turkey, you are guaranteed not to get bored. In addition to the beautiful beaches, a large number of historical sights and excursion destinations await you.

The most popular tourist destinations include the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, the ruins of Pergamon, the old town of Antalya, the Goreme National Park or Cape Anamur. Turkey is particularly popular with all-inclusive tourists. Many of the hotels are geared towards this type of vacation and are particularly cheap for an all-inclusive vacation.

  • Favorable travel time for Turkey: from April to October

6. Greece

You can find cheap holidays with absolute sun guarantee in Greece. You are guaranteed to find your island among the numerous and diverse islands of Greece. You will have to do without holidays in Santorini, but you will find cheap holiday offers in Crete, Kos, Rhodes or Corfu.

And even away from these well-known Greek islands, it is worth taking a look at the less well-known islands when planning your holiday. Here you can also make a few vacation bargains at short notice. A disadvantage of lesser-known islands could be that they are also less accessible and you have to plan two days for arrival.

You can also spend a wonderful, varied and, above all, a cheap holiday in the beautiful Greek cities on the Greek mainland. In addition to the metropolis of Athens with its sights around the Acropolis, you will find beautiful mountains, such as the Olympus or the Rhodope Mountains, especially on the borders with Albania and Macedonia. A special attraction for tourists is the Vikos Gorge or the monasteries on the Meteora rocks.

  • Favorable travel time for Greece: from April to October

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