Top 10 Marvel Toys Biz Figures of the ’90s

by Mehdi BAH

Toy Biz ruled toy aisles in the 1990s. Their Marvel Comics license allowed them to pull from a plethora of comic book characters, and the popularity of their lines was spurred by the incredible Marvel cartoons on television. This combination created a perfect storm of figures and success, resulting in a breadth of lines, characters, and figures that still hasn’t been matched to this day. 

Of all the incredible figure produced in this era, these 10 stand out as some of the most memorable, unique, or well-crafted.

Every collector could probably produce a top 10 list of their own, but this one is mine, and I think it’s pretty good. 

1- Beast – X-Men – Series 5 (1994)

Beast is a the lovable fur-ball of the X-Men, and this figure captured the character’s look and feel perfectly. Its flipping action feature was spotty, but the sculpting and colors were top-notch for the era.

2- Deadpool – X-Force – Series 1 (1992)

Deadpool has always been a popular action figure character, and this one really started it all. His action feature wasn’t great, but the look and feel of Deadpool was there, and that’s all that matters. 

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3- Dr. Doom – Fantastic Four – Series 1 (1994)

Dr. Doom is one of comics’ greatest bad guys, and this was the first figure to really get the character right. The details were upgraded from a past version, and he looked exactly like Dr. Doom should, making him a key villain for mid-’90s action figure brawls. 

4- War Machine – Iron Man – Series 1 (1994) 

Armor that could be removed was an unfortunate gimmick in the ’90s, but it actually fit this figure. War Machine is super cool on his own, and this figure had shiny armor to make him even better.

5- Dragon Man – Fantastic Four – Series 2 (1995)

Dragon Man might not be a recognizable face in the Marvel Comics universe, but this figure stood out as one of the biggest and most detailed sculpts from Toy Biz in the ’90s. There isn’t another figure in the line more unique than this one, and that makes it more special than its name would suggest.

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6- Spider-Man – Marvel Super Heroes – Series 3 (1991)

Many Spider-Man figures came before this one, but it was the first to really amp up the articulation count. It was the most poseable and playable Spider-Man figure to date, and represented a big leap forward for the line’s articulation. 

7- Professor X – X-Men – Series 4 (1993)

Most manufacturers wouldn’t have produced a figure in a wheelchair in this era, claiming things like marketability and popularity of the character would make it impossible to turn a profit on it. But Toy Biz was ahead of its time and pushed forward with this iconic and powerful member of the X-Men, truly completing the team. 

8- Thing (Disguised) – Fantastic Four – Series 3 (1995)

Toy Biz produced a few good Thing figures, but none were as cool as the disguised version. His trench coat and hat make for a hilarious getup that makes the figure stand out in a horde of similar figures from the period. 

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9- Hulk – Marvel Super Heroes – Series 1 (1990)

This Hulk figure served as the go-to version of the character for an entire generation of kids despite its flaws, and will continue to be an iconic figure based on the character for a long time to come. 

10- Galactus – The Silver Surfer – Alien Fighters (1998) 

Although this figure might not be to scale with the rest of the line, it was still a huge figure and got the look of the character exactly right. The inclusion of a tiny Silver Surfer was just a bonus that made this figure even better. 

Final Words:

If you want to start your own Toy Biz Marvel Comics collection, any of the above figures would be a wonderful place to begin. They’re some of the line’s best figures, and still have the charm to stand out in the modern era of incredible sculpts and advanced articulation. 

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