How To Cover Pimples With And Without Makeup

by Khadija MAWHOUB

Do you suffer from individual pimples or are you even plagued by blemishes and redness all over your face? If you feel uncomfortable with it, the best solution can be to cover and hide the pimples. but how to cover pimples With the right products, is it easy to cover without makeup?

How To Cover Up Pimples With Makeup?

The worst thing about pimples is the redness and spots because of them. Even if a pimple has healed, it often leaves spots, which also make the skin appear uneven. People with acne that can leave deep furrows usually suffer even worse. The right makeup can help you hide blemishes. So maybe you can feel a little more comfortable in your skin.

brushes to cover pimples

1- Foundation

A foundation is a liquid makeup that forms the basis for covering the pimples. Stains and redness are already super concealed and a more even complexion is created. Choose a foundation for blemished or oily skin that is oil-free and silicone-free. These make-ups often have the description ” not comedogenic “, which means that they do not clog the pores and do not favor pimples or blackheads. If you fluctuate between two shades, choose the lighter one.

For severe acne, camouflage make-up is best. This is highly pigmented and is even suitable for covering large scars and tattoos!

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2- Concealer

You can usually find concealers in liquid form or in a creamy texture in a palette. The classic concealers are also popular. Concealers are more pigmented than foundations and therefore cover even better. It’s best to choose an antibacterial concealer with a greenish undertone to neutralize the redness of the pimples. It should also be a little lighter than your skin.

3- Powder

The powder is important to fix the makeup and mattify the look. It also makes the complexion appear more even. You get it in loose or compact form and apply it with a suitable powder brush. Use white (transparent) powder for fixation and tinted if you want to cover pimples a little more. Mineral powder is always best because it does not clog the pores.

Tip: It is important that you use matt products. Many make-ups contain shimmering pigments that are supposed to make the face shine, but if the skin is impure, the pimples are only emphasized even more. Also, keep away from natural cosmetics: their ingredients are usually of higher quality, but often contain natural and essential oils that clog the pores and can favor pimples.

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Tips To Cover Pimples With Makeup

  • Wash your face with a suitable cleansing gel.
  • Now apply a mattifying moisturizer or gel as a base. You can dab individual inflamed pimples with an antibacterial tincture or tea tree oil. Wait five minutes for everything to move in.
  • Now apply the foundation to your entire face. You can use your clean fingers or a make-up sponge for this. Start applying from the inside and spread the foundation out to your ears and down to your neck to create a smooth transition to your natural skin tone. Make sure you don’t apply too thick.
  • You can cover pimples and redness that still shine through with the concealer. Dab the areas with a pencil or the applicator, concealer from the palette can be dabbed on with a small brush. Gently pat everything in and blend the transitions to the rest of the skin with your fingers.
  • Now apply the powder all over your face.
  • As an extra finish, you can also use a setting spray, so the make-up lasts even better.
  • Extra tip: You can better cover larger areas of pimples if you treat the area with spray plasters beforehand.
How To Cover Pimples and blemishes

Important: Make-up utensils such as brushes and sponges should be cleaned every week with a mild shampoo or special cleaning agents to prevent further spreading of the bacteria on the face. And don’t forget to take off your makeup in the evening!

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How to Cover Pimples Without Makeup

Covering big pimples without makeup is pretty difficult. Smaller pimples and slight redness can often be covered with a BB cream or a tinted day cream. These make the face look much more natural than liquid makeup.

If your skin is otherwise quite clean and you only suffer from individual pimples, just dab a little concealer and fix the areas with a light powder at the end.

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