Facial Hair Removal: 12 Effective Methods To Try

by Spotiance

The hair on the face can be quite annoying, especially since it is considered “female”. Dark hair, in particular, is uncomfortable for many women, but even light-colored hair can be quite annoying, especially when wearing foundation or when it turns lighter in color in summer than the skin and becomes more noticeable. Here are our tips for facial hair removal using special tools, devices, and home remedies.

12 Facial Hair Removal Methods

The hormones are mostly to blame for excessive hair growth on the face and fluff over the upper lip, chin, cheeks or other areas. An excess of Androgens, male hormones, can cause increased hair growth in women. However, you don’t have to put up with this simply because there are a few ways you can remove your facial hair. You should always keep in mind that some skin types may be too sensitive for some methods and that the hairs come back faster with some types of removal than with others.

1. Shaving Facial Hair For Women

Men have been shaving their faces for years, why shouldn’t women with facial hair do the same? This method is simple and quick, but the hair can stubble again after a few days and then you have to reach for the razor again.

2. Bleaching

If your skin isn’t very dark and your facial hair is too thick, bleaching can be a good method for you. A whitening cream, especially for the face, is applied to the hair until it is “bleached”. But be careful: the creams contain hydrogen peroxide, which can cause skin irritation. 

3. Facial Hair Plucking

With tweezers, you can not only do your pluck eyebrows into shape but also tackle your facial hair, if it is not a question of large-scale hair. However, plucking can hurt, especially in sensitive areas on the face. Cool the area with an ice cube beforehand or use light anesthetic cream.

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4. Waxing

In the drugstore, you can get cold wax strips that are specially designed for the face. They are smaller than those for other parts of the body and can, therefore, be attached well over the upper lip or on the temples. Peeling off the strips can be painful for a short time, but you can get rid of your hair in one go and have a few weeks rest.

5. Facial Hair Removal Cream

Depilatory cream consists of chemicals that dissolve the hair up to a millimeter under the skin. There is extra cream for the face, which is a little gentler than, for example, depilatory cream for the legs, but women with sensitive skin should avoid it.

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6. Spiral

For some time now there have been special hair removal spirals that look quite innocent, but with which you can quickly remove many and even the smallest hair on your face. In principle, these are plucked as with tweezers, but the technique is a little different. Many women swear by this beauty tool!

7. Facial Hair Sugaring

When sugaring, a sugar paste is mixed, which is then spread on the face and, after hardening, pulled off in the direction of growth of the hair. You can have your hair removed from the beautician for little money or you can make the paste yourself using home remedies such as 200 grams of sugar and 100 milliliters of lemon juice in a saucepan.

8. Epilation

If you epilate your legs regularly anyway, you know that this hair removal method is painful, your hair will grow finer and thinner over time. For facial epilation, you can use your normal epilator or a special device for the face.

9. Depilation pad

The depilation pad is one of the newer beauty tools that you can use to depilate your face. You can use it to scrub your face in a circular motion, so to speak, while the granules and crystals in the pad remove the hair. You also have a great peeling effect for your skin!

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10. Facial Hair Threading

Threading is an ancient oriental method of removing facial hair. It is said to be particularly suitable for women sensitive to pain and leaves less redness than plucking. You can also use this method yourself, but in a professional studio, the whole thing may be a little more fix.

11. Baking Soda

Baking powder is a tried and true home remedy for many occasions that have nothing to do with baking. If you mix a teaspoon of the powder with two teaspoons of water, you will get a porridge. You apply this to the hairy area on your face for about 15 minutes and then rinse it off. If you repeat this procedure every two to three days, you should notice after about three weeks how your hair has not disappeared but is becoming softer and thinner until you hardly notice it.

12. Laser For Facial Hair Removal

A laser or IPL treatment destroys the hair roots, which is why facial hair grows very slowly and finely afterward. You can undergo this treatment at a dermatologist or in some cosmetic studios, but you should expect quite high costs for several sessions, depending on the strength of the hair growth. Alternatively, you can also get a device at home. So you have the chance to get rid of most of the hair permanently.

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