8 Advantages Of Organic Cosmetic Products You Should Know

by Khadija MAWHOUB

Silicones, parabens and aluminum salts – these are just three dangerous acquaintances who are often found in shampoos, creams, and deodorants. No wonder that more and more consumers are switching to natural products from the field of organic cosmetic products. This does not use any chemical or artificial ingredients. On the contrary, organic products rely on herbal compositions that protect the skin and hair.

The Popularity of Organic Cosmetics is Growing

For quite a while, users of organic cosmetics were so-called “Ecos” who went to demonstrations against nuclear power in Birkenstocks. Today it looks very different because everyone talks about natural products without chemicals. Organic shampoos and creams are not only found in private cosmetic cabinets, but organic cosmetics are also very popular with supermodels, stars and starlets. It is therefore not surprising that business is booming in this area. The popularity of organic cosmetics seems to be growing every day.  Here are 8 benefits that will support this growth.

8 Advantages Of Organic Cosmetic Products

1. Without Harmful Ingredients

As already mentioned, many cosmetic products consist of pure chemistry. Numerous consumers with allergies and skin problems prove that this is not positive for skin and hair. Here natural products make the difference because they are enriched without harmful ingredients. Instead, natural ingredients are used. These consist of vegetable oils and waxes. 

2. With Natural Plant Substances 

For shampoos, most manufacturers rely on surfactants to remove hair, grease, sweat, and dandruff while washing. In natural products, these are replaced by vegetable oils and sugar surfactants. Although this results in less foam during washing, the cleaning performance is in no way impaired. A good example of this is the bioemsan organic shampoo, which not only washes the hair. It also does the following:  

  • Hair and scalp are balanced again.
  • the hair becomes stronger and fuller.
  • skin tolerance ensures a good feeling after washing your hair.

A big plus for skin and hair are therefore the natural plant substances such as minerals and of course the medicinal plants, herbs or natural extracts they contain. The ingredients are left as natural and organic as possible. As a result, they retain their natural and original effect, which is no longer the case with conventional products due to the numerous processing processes.

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3. Environmentally Friendly And Without Animal Testing

Some ingredients are not only harmful to the consumer, but also to the environment. Glitter, microplastics, etc. are neither biodegradable nor do they contribute to lower emissions during processing. Ergo, The environment is heavily polluted, which is an absolute no-go these days. 

The same applies to animal experiments that have been officially banned since 2013. Organic cosmetic products are therefore processed on a sustainable and environmentally friendly basis and do not require experiments on animals. Occasionally, however, ingredients such as milk and honey can be found. If you are looking for cosmetics without any animal ingredients, the best bet is vegan products. 

4. Less Allergies

Perfume as an organic cosmetic products

many organic cosmetic products, for example, the artificial fragrances cause allergies. Sensitive smell senses are stimulated, so that allergy sufferers react relatively quickly with a corresponding physical side effect. but Allergies can be avoided with the help of organic cosmetics, however, the manufacturers rely on:

  • essential oils.
  • Flower water.
  • natural color pigments.

Nevertheless, it is recommended for all those who react quickly to allergies to pay attention to the content of the ingredients, even with organic cosmetics. One may be sensitive to certain types of plants.

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5. Natural Care Protects Skin And Hair

As already mentioned, organic shampoo is now known not to foam so much when it comes to washing hair. Very few people know that this is not that bad. In contrast to the products that form a huge head of foam on the head, natural shampoos are gentler on the hair and scalp. Because of the strong foam, the foamed part dries out faster. The reason for this is that the foam not only removes dirt, but also the protective fat layer. In this way, hair and scalp are exposed to the influences of the environment without protection.

6. Without Mask Effect 

If you often feel like wearing a kind of “mask” after applying decorative cosmetics, you should know that the skin feels the same way. Because under the layers of makeup, it can no longer breathe at all. The pores become clogged and the complexion quickly worsens. Natural organic cosmetics act lighter, do not close the small skin openings and let them breathe easier under the decorative make-up.

7. A large Market That is Constantly Growing

Another great advantage that natural and organic cosmetic products inevitably bring with them is the fact that the market continues to grow. This means that not only a few exciting new products can be expected here over the years, but that highlights can always be expected. This is due to the fact that the market is still up and coming and many manufacturers are now at least trying to rethink. In addition to classic cosmetic lines that the brands have been selling for years, more and more “green series” or more sustainable products are being added. 

Note: It is important to know, however, that the terms “natural and organic cosmetics” are not protected. Basically, these can be used freely.

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8. Seals Provide Information

With some products, the doubts are great. Even if it says “organic”, it does not always mean that there is really “organic” in it. For this reason, it is advisable to trust the seals that have been developed to serve as a guide. For example, the BDIH seal and the Natrue label are trustworthy. 

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