26 Genius Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

by Mehdi BAH

We don’t always have to spend money on expensive specialty cleaners or to buy new things. With these life hacks we make your life a little bite easier – and more economical.

Life Hack N°1: Lemon Juice Against Odors

Never soak wooden boards in water or put them in the dishwasher to remove odors! The wood deforms and when it dries it becomes brittle. Germs and bacteria nest in the cracks. Instead, rub the wooden boards after washing them with a cut lemon, which you have briefly dipped in salt. This removes kitchen smells.

Life Hack N°2: Alcohol As A Stain Remover

70% alcohol removes perfume and lipstick stains on all fabrics, but also bloodstains on silk. Put the alcohol on a piece of cotton wool and use it to dab the stain. In the case of dyed fabrics, check for colorfastness in a concealed area beforehand. Then wash as directed.

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Life Hack N°3: Salt Polished Copper And Brass

Put 1 tablespoon of salt on a plate and mix with lemon juice to a paste. Apply with a rag, rinse with clear water and rub dry.

Life Hack N°4: Brush With Flour

Chromed parts (e.g. faucet) can be polished well with flour. Put some flour on a soft, dry cloth and rub over the chrome.

Life Hack N°5: Make Defrosting Easier

After defrosting, wipe the freezer from the fridge with glycerin (clear liquid, pharmacy). This will help the ice to loosen more easily the next time it is defrosted.

Life Hack N°6: Hide Scratches In Wood

Halve the fresh walnut kernel and rub the scratch (e.g in the walnut table) with the break. Use colorless shoe polish or suitable wax crayons on light wood.

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Life Hack N°7: Popsicle Stick

Great for herb pots: Simply label the stem with a waterproof pen and stick it in the ground. Your children will be happy here if they can help …

Life Hack N°8: Remove Dog Hair From Upholstery

Put on a rubber glove, moisten and rub over the affected areas.

Life Hack N°9: Shiny Stainless Steel Sinks Thanks To Potatoes

Simply rub the sink with raw potato peels and polish with a soft cloth. 

Life Hack N°10:Lime deposits in the vase

If a vase has become cloudy due to limescale deposits: pour in the pure vinegar, leave to work for about two hours, rinse with clear water, dry.

Life Hack N°11: Streak Free Windows

Clean one side of the window outside from top to bottom, inside from left to right. Then you can quickly see on which side there are still cleaning strips. Add a dash of alcohol to the water to reduce streaks.

Life Hack N°12: No rust on Stove-Tops

Put a few drops of vegetable oil on the hot stove and rub it with household paper.

Life Hack N°13: This Way, Laundry Does Not Slip Off The Hanger

Simply wrap rubber bands on the ends of the hanger.

Life Hack N°14: Clean Glass Vases With Eggshells

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If the vase has such a narrow neck that you can’t get in with the brush: Put the crushed shell of an egg in it and fill it halfway with water. Then shake vigorously. The sharp-edged bowl removes dirt.

Life Hack N°15: Clean The Inside Of The Thermos Jugs

Stubborn coffee or tea stains in jugs go well with a concentrated soda solution (2 tablespoons of soda in 0.5 liters of water). Leave on for a few hours, then clean with detergent and rinse with clear water. Alternative: put half a dishwasher tab in the thermos instead of soda.

Life Hack N°16: When The Zipper Hooks

Put a little soap or wax on the opened zipper and pull it shut.

Life Hack N°17: The Dowel Is Stuck

Fixed dowels are often deep in the wall. Screw a corkscrew into it. Then pull out the dowel.

Life Hack N°18: Put Grapes In The Drink

Instead of ice cubes made of water, a few grapes freeze. So you don’t water your drink and have a small, tasty snack after drinking.

Life Hack N°19: Lemon In Stock

Did you only need half a lemon for the recipe? And what to do with the other half? Halved lemons will not dry out and will last up to 2 weeks if you place them face down in a cup sprinkled with sugar.

Life Hack N°20: This Is How Hard Butter Becomes Tender To The Touch

Rinse a bowl with very hot water and then slip over the butter for a minute. After that, it is butter-soft.

Life Hack N°21: Do Shards Bring Luck?

If you break a glass, pick up the pieces with a slice of bread! So you can catch even the smallest pieces.

Life Hack N°22: The Favorite Shirt Has Arrived!

Put it in a bowl of ice water and add a cup of hair conditioner. Then it fits like a glove!

Life Hack N°23: What Helps With Ballpoint Marks?

Pen in the shirt pocket leaked? Or children’s clothing painted with felt-tip pens? No problem! Simply spray thick spots with hairspray, leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. This leads to success in 90 percent of the cases. If an adding stain has still not disappeared, wash clothes in the washing machine as normal after the hairspray treatment. You can get rid of even the most stubborn stains!

Life Hack N°24: How Does The Color Stay In Black Jeans?

Simply put a few ivy leaves with black laundry in the washing machine and wash. The ivy leaves make the black garments more colorful again, and they look like new!

Life Hack N°25: Why Buy Extra Wool Detergent?

Hair shampoo is almost even better. It also protects the fibers from felting. Important: Do not wring out the clothing, but let it drain and then roll it into a towel, squeeze out water and, if possible, let it dry while lying down.

Life Hack N°26: Contact Lenses Lost!

Dropped contact lenses can be found more quickly if you darken the room and light the floor with a flashlight. The lens lights up in the light beam.

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