19 Travel Hacks That Will Make You A Better Traveler

by Mehdi BAH

You don’t need to be able to do magic to implement our top 19 travel hacks. Simply read through, apply and you will notice how much easier it is to make traveling. Without rocket science! All that remains to be said, Enjoy Your Trip!

1. Travel Hack: Never Buy Water At The Airport

Bringing your drinks at the airport is made difficult by the regulations that apply to liquids. Before the security check, many of the beverage bottles that you bring with you go into the bins provided. After that, you only have the opportunity to provide the replacement in an expensive airport shop or on the plane yourself. Shame about the money! Pack an empty drinking bottle with you, which you can refill with tap water after passing the control at the sink or the water dispenser. By the way, you avoid additional waste and do something for the environment in this way.

2. Travel Hack: Roll Clothes While Packing

If you want to save space in your backpack, travel bag or suitcase, roll up your clothes. You will be amazed at how much more you will notice. In general, rolling has another advantage: Sensitive clothing helps you to have a longer lifespan because no fibers can break at the kinks. There are also no wrinkles. You can of course also use the trick for your wardrobe at home.

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3. Travel Hack: Charge Cell Phone Via USB

Did you fail to pack the charging plug for your mobile phone? Then you probably didn’t have much time to pack. If at least the charging cable has been taken on trips, everything is only half as bad. In this case, you can connect the phone to the USB port of a television or laptop, for example. Besides, many rental cars have such a connection.

Light Road Nature Iphone

4. Travel Hack: Always have a power bank with you

Do you use your mobile phone a lot when traveling, e.g. B. to record small films or take photos, it is recommended to purchase a power bank. Then you always have a mobile additional battery with you, regardless of whether you are currently in the urban jungle, somewhere in the pampas or find no free socket at the airport. It would be a shame to have to do without your mobile phone when there is no battery.

5. Travel Hack: Cover For Wet Razors

If you belong to the majority of men in Germany who shave their faces wet instead of dry, then you are well-advised to use a cover for your razor. Of course, this also applies to women who want to take care of hairless legs, armpits, etc. on vacation. How quickly can it happen that you hurt yourself on the sharp blades when looking for something in a toiletry bag! Thanks to a cover, you can still rummage through the toiletry bag ;).

6. Travel Hack: Secure Passport & Documents Online

If you lose your passport or important documents while on vacation (theft and robbery cannot be excluded either), this is extremely annoying. Make copies or, if you don’t want to carry around as much stuff with you, scan important documents before you travel and send them to yourself by email. 

7. Travel Hack: ATMs & Local ATMs

If you want to avoid the exchange rates that are bad for you at currency exchange offices, go to one of the available ATMs at your holiday location to draw notes. Be sure to find out beforehand whether and how much the credit card provider of your choice takes.

8. Travel Hack: Take Selfies As Proof!

If a nice person has given your lost smartphone somewhere, you can use selfies to make it more believable that the device is yours. If the phone is already switched off, you can convince the other party that you know the PIN to switch it on again.

Pexels Photo 1289107

9. Travel Hack: Use Google Maps offline

Not all of us have a mobile phone contract that allows you to feel like you can surf the Internet for an endless amount of time. If you use Google Maps offline, you consume less data volume. Conveniently, this also extends battery life. Besides, you will not be the victim of a bad internet connection, even if this is rather unlikely outside of Germany. The downloaded offline maps can be reused at any time.

10. Travel Hack: Use Google Translate Offline

If you don’t want to lug a dictionary around on vacation, go to Google Translate. If you want to keep your data consumption low on vacation and be independent of the Internet, you can download the required language pack at home. You can of course only do this at the holiday location, in which case access to WiFi would be advantageous due to the amount of data.

11. Travel Hack: Turn Left At The Airport

If you want to avoid unnecessary waiting at the airport, choose the left queue if there are two. This is usually shorter, which is because we always choose our strong side without being aware of it – many of them automatically put themselves in line.

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12. Travel Hack: Take A Picture Of The Parking Lot

You do at the airport a photo of your car with your phone foreground or background, it is easier to find again after returning from vacation the car. Such a parking lot or parking deck can be quite confusing. Alternatively, you can, of course, write down the parking deck or other available orientations, but taking a photo is just more convenient.

A Parking Photo

3. Travel Hack: Fly At Night

If you don’t mind flying at night, choose this time of day to get to your holiday destination. There is usually less going on the way to the airport and if you have an increased need for rest, you benefit from the fact that many passengers will try to sleep during the flight. We also recommend this to you, because time flies like this :). 

14. Travel Hack: Always Pack Earplugs

They cost little to buy, but are worth their weight in gold: we are talking about earplugs. Those of you who have trouble falling asleep – whether on the plane due to aircraft noise or in the noisy hotel room – will appreciate it. Also, there is the psychological effect of the little helpers. Once the ear canal is sealed with them, a switch in the head also flips.

15. Travel Hack: Save Towels

If you want to take your towel with you on vacation (usually there are always enough towels in the bathroom of the hotel room), then try one made of microfiber. In contrast to cotton towels, they take up less space, are lighter and dry faster. However, some of you may not like the other feeling of drying out so much.

16. Travel Hack: eBooks Instead Of Books

The blessings of modern technology include e-books and e-book readers. On these practical electronic devices, you can save a large number of books or e-books, the reads of which sweeten your vacation. In addition to entertaining literature, you can of course also save travel guides. Paper books, on the other hand, take up a certain amount of space in your luggage and weigh a lot more.

eBook Kindle Reader

17. Travel Hack: Use Online Check-In

If you are one of the holidaymakers who want to have done as much as possible before the start of the trip, use the online check-in. This makes sense, especially if you don’t have checked baggage with you. So you will be queuing at the airport less. If you have suitcases, backpacks or bags with you that need to be transported in the cargo hold and still don’t want to be in line at the counter where the passenger’s check-in on-site, you can go straight to the baggage drop-off counter after online check-in ,

18. Travel Hack: Fix To The Immigration Counter

If it is necessary to pass an immigration counter at the airport, it is best not to linger long before. Otherwise, you will be in line with many other passengers forever. Unless you urgently need to go to the toilet, postpone everything to the time after the counter.

19. Travel Hack: Use Tourist Information

Go to the tourist information office at the holiday destination. There you will not only receive expert advice (why always research everything yourself with great effort on the Internet?), But you can also take along material for free, including B. City maps or booklets with events. Furthermore, you often receive so-called Tourist Cards, which grant you discounts for different things.

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