13 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Brushing Your Teeth

by Spotiance

Even as a small child we were taught by our parents or the dentist how to properly brush our teeth. Nevertheless, some mistakes have crept into our tooth brushing routine over the years. Because you can go wrong with dental care, we’ll show you the most typical mistakes when brushing your teeth, which we’ve all made before.

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1. Scrubbing Teeth

You think that the more energetically you brush your teeth, the cleaner they will be? Not correct! If you brush your teeth too much, you can even harm them and cause deep grooves in the enamel. And that’s not a good thing, because the enamel forms a kind of protective layer around our tooth and thus prevents tooth decay from eating into the tooth. The gums are also affected by strong friction. So avoid pressing too hard and brush your teeth longer, but more carefully.

2. Brush Your Teeth Too Gently

Too tight, too fast, too gentle? What is right? Yes, even the opposite of scrubbing is not exactly good for your teeth: Because if you brush your teeth too gently and do not exert any pressure, deposits and bacteria cannot be removed thoroughly.

3. Brush Too Often

The more you brush your teeth, the better is it? Not really: brushing your teeth two to three times a day for two to three minutes is quite sufficient. With frequent brushing, you irritate your gums and teeth.

4. Do Not Clean The Toothbrush

Not only do you have to brush your teeth thoroughly, but you should also rinse your toothbrush thoroughly after each brushing to remove bacteria properly.

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5. Clean After Eating

Brush your teeth after a hearty breakfast? Better not! Because many foods contain acid that softens the enamel, it is better not to brush your teeth immediately after eating. Otherwise, there is a risk that you brush off the tooth enamel directly. It is better if you rinse your mouth with water after eating and wait about 30 minutes until you brush your teeth.

6. Brush Your Teeth Too Short

Even if you are stressed and woke up too late anyway, you should still make sure that you brush your teeth for two to three minutes. Otherwise, food residues and bacteria cannot be removed completely. Hello, caries! Incidentally, brushing teeth too long is also not a good thing: if you brush for significantly longer than three minutes, you increase the risk of injuring tooth enamel and gums.

7. Forget interdental Spaces

There are so many nasty places in the mouth that we don’t get very well with our toothbrush. In addition, the interdental spaces are usually neglected. It helps if you floss after brushing your teeth.

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8. Brush in The Wrong Direction

As a small child, we were taught to brush our teeth in circular movements. But this technique is suitable as a child but no longer as an adult. Better: place the toothbrush at an angle on the gums and wipe from the gums to the teeth in small, shaking movements. This is the most efficient way to remove plaque.

9. Use The Wrong Toothbrush

There are tons of them: toothbrushes. But how do you know which is the right one? The perfect toothbrush should not be particularly hard so as not to injure the gums. In addition, the brush must always be tailored to the mouth and small enough to get to the far corners. Electric toothbrushes are particularly efficient. With dental floss, you can thoroughly clean inter-dental spaces.

10. Do Not Use Dental Floss

Not only is daily brushing your teeth important to prevent gingivitis, plaque, and periodontal disease, but also the use of dental floss. With the dental floss, you can get into all inter-dental spaces much better than with your toothbrush.

11. Change Toothbrushes Too Rarely

The toothbrush still looks good after several months, so why should you replace it? A basic rule is that a toothbrush should be discarded after two to three months. This is where the eye is asked: as soon as the bristles have lost their color and shape, dental hygiene also suffers. You should also change your toothbrush after a cold so that you do not become infected with the virus again.

12. Forget The Tongue

Dozens of bacteria lurk not only on our teeth but also on our tongue surface because bacteria love the moist environment and the many small depressions in the tongue. It is therefore very important to brush your tongue when brushing your teeth. Not only prevents bacteria from accumulating but also bad breath.

13. Artificially Whiten The Teeth

Who doesn’t want them: bright white teeth! In Hollywood, it is now completely normal for all celebrities to have their teeth whitened artificially. And so we also increasingly use toothpastes with emery that can make our teeth whiter. But it is precisely these substances that remove the deposits from the tooth and can, therefore, attack it severely. A good toothpaste should contain fluoride to support the build-up of the tooth enamel.

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