10 Best Ingredients For a Healthy Breakfast

by Khadija MAWHOUB

For many, breakfast is the most popular meal of the day and essential. Others just don’t get a bite in the morning.

We show you whether breakfast actually has a healthy effect on us, which foods are important for a healthy breakfast and which breakfast variations are suitable for Meal prep. 

The Importance of a Healthy Breakfast

Supporting studies claim that breakfast is a kick start for metabolism. This makes it easier for your body to burn additional calories throughout the day. It also provides energy so that you can do more at the beginning of the day.

A study by James Bett, a nutritionist from the University of Bath, and his colleagues showed another advantage of breakfast: blood sugar levels were more stable in the subjects who started the day with a meal, especially in the afternoon and evening.

This is exactly what the team around Betts wants to pursue. The assumption: These circumstances can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

The 10 Best Ingredients For a Healthy Breakfast

1. Oatmeal

We love oats! Instead of resorting to sugary crunchy muesli, you should use oatmeal. Super delicious combination: porridge or oatmeals with fresh fruits, nuts, superfoods (flaxseed, cinnamon) and yogurt. Good reasons for oatmeal: thanks to proteins, fiber, and vitamins, the small flakes give you enough energy to start the day, keep blood sugar levels constant, regulate digestion and support the skin’s health.

2. Lean Curd 

The perfect source of protein: If you eat 200 grams of lean quark in the morning for breakfast, you strengthen your body with approx 26 grams of pure protein.

The protein, which consists of many amino acids, supplies your muscles and promotes muscle building. Lean curd provides you with a lot of energy, is low in calories and keeps you full for a long time because the body needs a lot of time to break down the proteins.

Really delicious: curd cheese with berries, nuts, and 1 tbsp honey or agave syrup and your healthy breakfast is ready.

3. Eggs

Small, but O-ho! Whether scrambled eggs, fried eggs, omelets or hard-boiled: eggs can be prepared in a variety of ways and are true protein bombs, there are 13 grams of protein on one egg. The protein content in egg yolk is higher than in egg white.

Eggs are also brimming with fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, folic acid and many minerals (calcium, iron, potassium). Vitamin A is particularly important: this keeps the eye elastic, the iris adapts well to light and darkness and we can see better at night.

Good to know: there are two special ingredients in the egg yolk – lecithin and choline. Important for fat digestion, protein metabolism and the ability to concentrate. Due to the enormously high value, eggs keep you full for a long time and the blood sugar level remains constant.

4. Nuts

Powerful and delicious: nuts, such as almonds, cashews, and walnuts, provide you with a lot of energy for a kickstart in the morning thanks to their satiating protein and unsaturated fatty acids. Walnuts, in particular, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Unsaturated fatty acids have a positive effect on your heart health and are anti-inflammatory. Mega advantage: cholesterol and blood sugar levels are reduced by eating nuts.

You can mix them whole or as a mousse in your muesli, smoothie bowl or porridge, treat them as a snack in everyday life or spread them on bread as a nut spread.

5. Flax Seeds

Dietary fiber boosters, local superfood, healthy all-rounders: Flax seeds are the wonder weapon of breakfast, and can be processed into muesli, yogurt bowls or bread in crushed, soaked or swollen form.

They are rich in satiating fiber: a third of the linseed consists of them. Therefore, they are particularly digestive and keep you full for a long time.

Another plus: flax seeds are the best plant source for omega-3, which is essential for performance. Recommendation: 30 grams (approx. 2 tablespoons) of flax seeds per day.

6. Bananas

If you treat yourself to a banana, for example in combination with oatmeal or in a smoothie, you can prevent hunger from coming back in the morning.

How does it work? The ripe fruit consists of 20 percent carbohydrates that make you feel full.

Also ingenious: fiber, magnesium, and potassium, which are important for energy generation and muscle and nerve function. The fiber also ensures that the carbohydrates only enter the bloodstream step by step and thus the insulin does not skyrocket too quickly.

7. Berry Fruits

Berry sweet: Especially in summer, sweet berries such as raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries are suitable for a fruity, healthy breakfast. They are rich in vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants that protect against premature aging and have a positive effect on heart health. And above all: they put you in a good mood.

8. Grapefruit

A secret weapon to shed pounds: According to scientists from the University of California, grapefruit juice inhibits weight gain (even with a high-fat diet), lowers blood sugar levels and prevents a sharp rise in insulin levels.

Also awesome: just 100 g Grapefruit enough to the daily requirement of vitamin C to meet. Well, do you fancy grapefruit? Then snip grapefruit in your fruit salad, in your muesli or mix them under your smoothie.

9. Avocado

The healthy butter fruit: Since avocado – alongside the olive – is the fattiest fruit, it is a healthy, cholesterol-free alternative to butter.

It provides you with valuable unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins B6, D, E and K, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants on your spelled wholemeal bread or in your green smoothie – and is, therefore, part of the list of superfoods.

Vitamin E and the antioxidant glutathione improve and strengthen the immune system. Vitamin A is particularly helpful for eyesight.

10. Whole Grain Bread

If you have the choice between wheat and wholemeal bread, then you should prefer the wholemeal variant. It causes the blood sugar level to rise more slowly and therefore keeps you full for longer. Even better: grab bread with lots of seeds and nuts.

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