How to Loan Money from Zedvance (Simple Steps)

Zedvance is a finance company popularly known for giving loans without collateral. This platform makes it easy for business persons and employees to apply for loans quickly. However, unlike some other platforms, several requirements need to be met before you can use this platform. In this article, you’ll learn how to loan money from MoneyPal quickly and easily.

How to loan money from Zedvance

Zedvance allows you to take loans through their website or a WhatsApp chat.

Here’s how to loan money from the Zedvance website:

1. First, you must visit their website and sign up with them by clicking the Apply Now button. Your information, such as name, phone/email, and BVN, will be required.

2. Login and navigate to the loans section. Select apply for a loan. You’ll be asked to submit some necessary details.

3. Now that you’ve successfully applied for your loan, you need to wait up to 48 hours for your application to be verified and approved and your bank account credited with the loan.

How to loan money through WhatsApp chat

You can also message them on WhatsApp on the number 09060003933 and tell them that you’re messaging them because you need to apply for a loan. In a while, your message will be attended to, and you will be given some steps to follow, after which your loan will be granted.

Zedvance loan requirements

Unlike some loan platforms, Zedvance requires you to provide more details apart from your basic personal details. And, if you don’t provide this information, you may not have access to applying for loans on the platform. That said, here are the requirements for loans on Zedvance.

* You must be employed in an organization or have a registered business

* Your age must be between 22–52.

* With active salary bank statements, your bank account must be at least six months old.

* Passport photograph, Employee ID card, and Employment letter. Your National ID card, Driver’s license, or international passport is also required.

* You must own a BVN

How much can you get

This platform allows you to apply for as much as 5 million naira. Although you have the chance to apply for such an amount, you must be aware that the amount you’ll be allowed to get will depend on what you want to use the loan for and other factors.

Zedvance interest rate

The platform uses risk-based pricing to tell how much you have to repay if you apply for a loan. But generally, their loan interest falls between 5%–20%.

Fortunately, the website provides an interest rate calculator that shows you exactly how much you’ll be repaying if you want to take a specific loan amount.

Zedvance loan term

Generally, you’re expected to pay back your loans within 2 weeks to 12 months, depending on how much you’ve applied for.

How to repay your MoneyPal loan

* You can make repayment with your credit or debit card. You’ll log in to the website or app and visit the loans section to see your loans.

* Next, you should select the loan you’re repaying and make your payment method “Credit” or “Debit” card.

* You can also make the payment using cheques.

* You’re also allowed to make a bank deposit. In this case, you need to contact their customer care for their account number, after which you’ll visit a bank Branch and make your deposit.

* After that, you may have to wait a while for the payment to reflect in your Zedvance account.

Zedvance head office

Zedvance’s head office is located at 177A, Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Zedvance customer care

You can log a complaint or know more about the platform by contacting their customer care through the following:


Phone number: 07001001000

You can also send them a message with their online chat messenger.

Zedvance app

You can visit the Google Play Store app to download the latest version of Zedvance and get started applying for loans easily.

Zedvance website

Zedvance’s website is

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