How To Loan Money From PageFinancials (Simple Steps!)

Page Microfinance Bank is a CBN-licensed organization that offers loans for various purposes in Nigeria. With PageFinancials, you can now enjoy easy transfer of funds and make payments of any kind at zero charges.

The company was founded in 2014 and has since delivered retail financial services to all its customers. Individuals and businesses can access loans of varying amounts with PageFinancials.

How To Loan Money From PageFinancials

  1. Prepare the loan requirements: Understand and have the loan requirements ready for a seamless application process.
  2. Proceed to the application portal to apply: Visit the PageFinancials website and fill out the simple application form. The process is split into stages; at each stage, you will provide relevant information that helps the site’s decision to approve your loan.
  3. Upload required documents on the site.
  4. Provide your Bank Verification Number (BVN): This step is necessary before you can proceed to other sections. It is used to determine your credit score and your identity.
  5. Apply: Once you complete your application, submit it.
  6. Wait for approval: If you provide all the required information and qualify for the loan, PageFinancials will approve your application and send an offer to your email. The mail will contain your offer letter, which will, in turn, contain the amount you were approved for, the amount you are required to repay monthly, and some terms and conditions.
  7. Accept: You will be required to sign, scan and send back the letter or reply to the mail stating you accept the offer.
  8. Withdraw: Your loan will be credited directly into your PageFinancials account. If you possess a PageFinancials card, you can proceed to spend the money immediately, or you can download the mobile app and transfer it to any Third-party account of your choosing.

PageFinancials Loan Requirements

● You must earn a monthly salary (A minimum of N100,000 monthly).

● You must be able to provide a 6-month salary account statement.

● You must live or work in Lagos or Ibadan (This does not apply to bankers. Bankers from any part of the country can apply).

● You must provide a passport photograph.

● You must possess a work Identification card or evidence of employment.

● You must possess a Bank Verification Number (BVN) connected to your mobile number.

How Much Can You Get From PageFinancials

You can access between N100,000 and N5 million as a first-time customer in under 3 hours. Established businesses in Lagos can access between N500,000 and N20 million. Loan amounts depend on the capacity of the customer to pay based on monthly income, amongst other factors.

PageFinancials Interest Rate

PageFinancials interest rate is 3.1% monthly for 12 months. To determine the actual interest amount you’ll be paying, you can use the Pagefinancials loan calculator.

PageFinancials Loan Term

PageFinancial Loan Term is between 3-12 months, depending on the loan amount.

How To Repay Page Financials Loan

You can repay PageFinancials loan via several channels:

●       Online Payments: To use this method, you can log in to your PageFinancials online page on the Secured Online Banking Platform and repay your loan.

●       POS: You can repay your loan using the Point Of Sale (POS) machines in any of their offices.

●       Direct Debit Mandate (DDM): This is adopted as a primary form of repayment towards your existing facility. It is set up during your initial application via your online profile.

●       Remita: This mode of repayment is set up by contacting your bank and having them set it up for you. It is an automated form of immediate repayment.

●       NUBAN Cheques: This mode of repayment serves as a fallback plan in case PageFinancials cannot claim your repayment via DDM.

PageFinancials Head Office

PageFinancials Head Office is situated at 23 Norman Williams Street, Ikoyi 106104, Lagos.

Page Financials Customer Care

For any requests, inquiries, or complaints, you can contact PageFinancials via email at or contact the call center at 01-6317243.

PageFinancials App

To use the PageFinancials App, download it from the Google Play store or Apple store. Once that’s done, register your device, and you will be able to log in.

PageFinacials Website

PageFinancials website is


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