How to Loan Money from NiceNaira (Simple Steps!)

If you are looking for a loan application that offers loans starting at a lower price and accepts requests faster, then you should try out NiceNaira.

NiceNaira is a loan application with over a hundred thousand downloads on Google play store. And in this article, we discuss all you need to know about NiceNaira, their loan requirements, interest rate and how to loan money from NiceNaira.

How to Loan Money from NiceNaira

To get a loan from NiceNaira, you first have to download the application. To download the application, you can download it from Google play store and install it on your android mobile phone. Furthermore, below are detailed guides on how you can loan money from Nice Naira.

● Firstly, you should download the app from Google play store. To download the application–search for NiceNaira using your search button on google play store–verify if you see the real app so that you won’t fall for scammers–and lastly, click download to install it on your android mobile phone.

● Secondly, register your account providing the requirements they asked for–minutes after, your account will be reviewed to know if you are qualified to receive a loan.

Nice Naira Requirements

Before you can apply for a loan using any loan application, some things are required of you to send to them, so they would know who they are loaning money to and where the person is or from. So here are NiceNaira requirements:

● You must be a legalized citizen or resident of Nigeria.

● You must be at least 18 years old before you can be considered for a loan.

● You must have a monthly source of income as proof you are paying soon.

● You should have an ATM card because your card will be bound to your account.

● You must have an issued government-approved ID card, for instance, a voters card or national identity card.

● The phone number you provide must be the one you used to verify your BVN.

● You must provide two next of kings and their details.

How Much Can You Get as a Loan Using NiceNaira

Using NiceNaira loan application, you can get any amount of loan you need. At first, you can be offered at least a sum of ₦3000 to ₦500,000. And just like other loans, the more trust you build by paying your loans on time, the more the amount you will be offered at loan increases. But if you need bigger loans like 1 million naira and more, you have to contact them.

Nice Naira Interest

NiceNaira has an interest rate of 2%-35% with an annual rate of 66.21%-270.44%. 

NiceNaira Loan Terms

To receive a loan from NiceNaira, you have to accept their terms and conditions, which means they will have access to your book contacts, SMS and much more. And in cases you can’t pay your loan at the due date, a 2% per day fee will be added. If and refusing to pay, you will be reported, restricting you from receiving a loan from any loan Merchant or bank in the world.

How to Repay for NiceNaira Loan 

If you have received your loan and it’s time to pay to avoid an additional rate, there is a way to do that. But make sure to pay back your loan at least days before the required date so that you can have access to bigger loans, and you will be able to rectify if there is any problem before the due date.

However, to pay back your loan, there is a place in the application where you can request from their account. Although, there are other ways to repay your loans, such as using USSD, your card and much more.

NiceNaira Head Office

NiceNaira’s head office is unknown for now, and to get the exact location; you can contact their customer care service.

NiceNaira Customer Care

If you have issues with your nice naira account or want to request a bigger loan from NiceNaira, there are different ways to contact them directly. You can try contacting them by email or calling their service hotline.

To contact them, here are NiceNaira customer care hotline and service email:


Hotline Service: Hotline service is active from Monday to Friday from 9 am — 6 pm and Saturday from 9 am — 5 pm. You can contact them using +2348034063318 

NiceNaira App

To download NiceNaira application, you can find it on google play store. To download the mobile application, you must have the google play store installed on your phone–enter it–search for Nice Naira—click installed. 

NiceNaira Website

There is not much information on NiceNaira’s official website, but if you want to visit, here is Nice Naira website 

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