How to Loan Money from KashNow (Simple Steps!)

KashNow is a loan platform that is predominantly targeted at employees. It is used by people who work at an organization to apply for loans very easily. 

One of the good things about this platform is that it allows you to get loans without collaterals, so you don’t need to present one of your assets before you can access a loan with them. In this article, you’ll learn how to loan money from KashNow.

How to loan money from KashNow

The KashNow platform allows you to apply for your loans and get them almost instantly.

There are two ways you can apply for loans on this platform: the website or their USSD code. Here are the steps you should follow to use any of them for applying for loans:

(1). Using their website

* First, you need to visit their website to begin the application. You should be aware that a few websites may try to impersonate the real website. With that said, KashNow website is

* Next, click on apply now to start the process.

* Your details such as name and phone number are required. More so, your BVN and a few of your details as an employee will be required. Ensure you fill in the required data correctly.

*, After all is done, your account will be approved and ready to take loans.

* To apply for a loan, log in to the website and click on the “Loan” option on the dashboard.

* Now, follow the prompts and enter the data required of you. 

* Finally, you should click on Submit.

* Now, you should wait for a short while. Your application will be verified based on the information you’ve provided. If your application and information satisfy their requirements, your loan will be approved instantly and your account credited. Otherwise, your request will be disapproved.

(2). Using their USSD code

You can also apply for your loan using their USSD code, and you’ll get credited as soon as you apply for the loan.

* Dial *5077# on your mobile device. When you do that, a few prompts will be displayed, of which you need to provide the required details.

* After that, your application will be approved, and you will be credited immediately.

KashNow loan requirements

1. You must be an employee of a company or a government worker whose salary is paid on the Remita platform.

2. You must own a BVN through which your account will be tracked and monitored to avoid fraudulent activities.

How much can you get?

KashNow gives new users a minimum of 10,000 naira, while they give a maximum of 50,000 naira. But if you’re consistent with taking loans with them and repaying within a month of taking a loan, you will be awarded an opportunity to request bigger loans.

KashNow interest rate

The platform’s interest rate ranges from 2%–30% for each loan you apply for, based on the amount of loan you have applied for.

KashNow loan term

You must repay any loan from this platform within a month. 

How to repay for KashNow loan

As long as you receive payment using Remita, KashNow will automatically deduct their loan amount from your salary. So you do not have to worry about how to repay the loan.

KashNow head office

KashNow is based in Lagos, Nigeria. 

KashNow customer care

If you have any complaints, you can reach out to their customer care through the following: 


Phone number: +2347016273506

You can also send a message to them through their online chat messenger.

Note that you can only call the number on Mondays–Fridays from 9 am–5 pm.

KashNow app

Currently, there’s no app for KashNow. You can only apply for loans through their USSD code *5077# or their website. So if you like to use apps instead of websites, you may find this non-appealing. Nevertheless, their website works like you’re using an app. 

KashNow website

KashNow website is

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