How To Loan Money From EasyCredit (Simple Steps!)

EasyCredit is an online financial service provider allowing Nigerians to acquire loans without collateral, paperwork or office access. The app uses Artificial Intelligence to collect and analyze users’ data, determine their credit scores and offer a loan.

EasyCredit loan is certified by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and can be trusted for use.

How To Loan Money From EasyCredit

  1. Download and install the EasyCredit loan app.
  2. Launch the EasyCredit app after installation.
  3. Click on “Sign up” to register or create your Easycredit account.
  4. You must provide personal details like your name and phone number.
  5. Fill in all necessary details and submit.
  6. Wait for verification and approval of provided details.
  7. After you must have received approval, apply for the loan.
  8. Navigate to the loan application corner.
  9. Choose a loan amount.
  10. Select a repayment term (91 days to 365 days)
  11. Provide all required details like valid ID, Bank Verification Number (BVN), employment status and bank details.
  12. Submit your loan application.
  13. Be patient while the loan request is being reviewed (this may take any time between ten minutes to a few hours)
  14. After your loan application is approved, you will receive your loan.

Your loan limit increases each time you repay your loan in time.

EasyCredit Loan Requirements

EasyCredit, like any other loan platform, has a set of requirements applicants must meet before they’re eligible for a loan. They are:

● You must be a Nigerian citizen and resident.

● You must be between 20 and 60 years of age.

● The applicant must have a stable source of monthly income.

● A working Nigerian Bank Account.

● A valid Bank Verification Number (BVN)

● A valid phone number (To receive confirmation codes)

● An android phone (It is only available on the Google Play store)

How Much Can You Get From EasyCredit

EasyCredit offers loans between N2,000 and N100,000 if your details are verified and you’re confirmed eligible.

The amount you can borrow increases as you repay your loan in time.

EasyCredit Interest Rate

EasyCredit interest rates are between 12% and 36% Annual Percentage Rate (APR), with a 0% service fee.

EasyCredit Loan Term

EasyCredit loan duration is between 3 months (91 days) and 12 months (365 days). Loan amounts and duration are calculated based on your credit score and how quickly you repay your loans.

How To Repay EasyCredit Loan

● Open the EasyCredit App on your Android device.

● Click on the “My Loan” button.

● Select the loan you want to repay.

● Click the “Repay In Advance” button.

● Click ‘Pay Now’ after you must have confirmed repayment details.

● Select your preferred repayment method.

You can repay loans by:

●       Direct debit: Your loan amount will be debited from your bank account using your ATM card details.

●       Bank deposit or transfer: You can deposit or transfer your loan amount to the bank account provided by EasyCredit.

EasyCredit Head Office

EasyCredit head office is situated at N0 20, Opebi road, Ikeja, Lagos.

EasyCredit Customer Care

In case of any complaints, requests, or inquiries, you can contact EasyCredit customer care for help.

You can reach them on:

 Whatsapp: +2349121807745, +2348088227615

Phone call (hotline): +2349087614188

Email address:

 EasyCredit App

The EasyCredit app is available for download and installation on the Google play store. It has a portable size of 10MB, over 1 million downloads and a rating of 3.9/5.0 from over 60,000 users.

It is not available for use on iOS devices.

EasyCredit Website

EasyCredit website is

Easy Credit is a fast and reliable loan service in Nigeria. They are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. It is, however, essential to do your due research and go through reviews before choosing a loan app to use.

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