How To Loan Money From ALAT By Wema (Simple Steps!)

ALAT is a digital Bank that runs on an internet-connected device. The bank provides loans, savings and cash transaction services. ALAT By WEMA is a product of WEMA Bank.

ALAT By WEMA offers different loan types for various purposes for its Nigerian users. Some of the loan types include:

●       Salary-based loan: This is a short-term loan package designed to meet the financial needs of salary-earning individuals.

●       Goal-based loan: This short-term loan package is designed to meet the financial needs of customers with existing goals on ALAT.

●       Fixed-term loan: This is an advance loan package designed to meet long-term financial needs and is repayable over 24 months.

How To Loan Money From ALAT By Wema

  1. Download the ALAT app on the Google Play store or the Apple store.
  2. Select ‘Loans’ on the menu list.
  3. Go through the disclaimer page.
  4. Undergo the quick credit check after making your loan request to confirm your qualifications.
  5. You will be given a loan offer along with loan terms and interest information.
  6. Read and accept terms and conditions, which include authorization for automated paybacks on the due date(s).
  7. Provide the information requested.
  8. Receive your loan.
  9. Make on-time loan repayments to increase your loan limit.

ALAT By Wema Loan Requirements:

● You must have a standard savings ALAT account.

Requirements To Open an ALAT Account include:

–         A mobile phone (Android or iOS) or a laptop

–         Your Bank Verification Number (BVN)

–         A photo of yourself

–         Your signature signed on a piece of plain white paper

–         An active email address

–         Your contact number.

–         A valid Government-issued Identity card (International passport, voter’s card, driver’s license or national ID card)

● Your account must be upgraded before you are eligible to make a loan.

● You must have made recurring debit and credit transactions with the ALAT account before your loan can be granted.

● You must have a stable source of income.

● You must be using your ALAT account to receive your salary.

How Much Can You Get From ALAT By Wema

ALAT By WEMA offers a minimum of N5,000 and a maximum of N4 million loan amounts to its users. Salary-based loans offer a minimum of N50,000 and a maximum of N4 million.

 Loan limits increase with on-time loan repayments.

ALAT By WEMA Interest Rate

ALAT By WEMA, interest rates are 2% monthly on salary and pay-day loans and 13.1% on goal-based loans per annum.

ALAT By WEMA Loan Term

Generally, ALAT loan durations can be up to two years, depending on the loan type.

Goal-based loans have a duration of 2-12 months, Pay-day loans have a duration of one month, and fixed-term and salary loans can be up to 24 months.

How To Repay ALAT By WEMA Loan

Automated payments repay ALAT loans. If your loan is unpaid by the due date, you will receive a payback reminder, and your account will be taken automatically.

If you want to repay before your due date, use the bills payment option on the ALAT app menu.

You may also visit any WEMA bank branch office near you for assistance if you need help.

ALAT By WEMA Head Office

The head office is situated at 54 Marina Road, Lagos Island, Lagos.

ALAT By WEMA Customer Care

For complaints, enquiries and requests, you can contact customer care via email at

Or call on 070022552528.


You can download the ALAT By WEMA on the Google Play store or the Apple store.

Once downloaded, install the app and log in.

ALAT By WEMA Website

ALAT By WEMA website is

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