How to Loan Money from 9Money (Simple Steps!)

9money is a loan app for fast, quick, and instant loan requests. The loan app has nearly two hundred and fifty thousand downloads on the Google play store. It is not yet available for IOS users. So when looking for quick loans for emergencies, medical bills, business expansions, family or personal loans within the range of 3,000 naira to 50,0000 naira, 9money is one of the loan apps with such services.

Like most online loan apps in Nigeria, it gives loans without collateral or guarantor. No documentation is required. You will not be asked to upload any regulatory or government-issued identification card. Loan granted depends on varying factors; these include monthly salary or income earned (for self-employed individuals) and the purpose of the loan.

If the individual has existing loan debt to pay before requesting from the loan app, this will also affect the amount of money granted to the person as a loan. Repayment of the loan on or before the due date will give the individual access to a higher amount of money as a loan. 

Below we explain how to get a loan from 9money, the requirements for the loan, the app, and more. Continue reading:

How To Loan Money From 9money

– First, download the app on the Google Play store

– Register an account with them by signing up and creating a password. Your phone number is required for signing up.

– After creating an account with the app, provide the information as displayed: your personal details, residential address, work employment sector and expected monthly income, the details of the second party close to you, and your relationship status.

– Your BVN is needed

– A clear picture of yourself taken on the app

– Choose the loan amount you desire.

– It is not automatic that you will be granted your desired loan. The system will then calculate how much you can have as a loan. It is displayed, and you can either accept the loan amount or decline it.

– The loan will be credited into your bank account.

9money Loan Requirements

The requirements to loan money on the 9Money loan app are:

– Age limit of 18 years

– Personal details required: your address, email address, phone number, gender.

– Work employment details: employer address, monthly income earned


– Your Nigerian bank account details

– Your ATM card number.

– Grant access to your present location

– Grant access to your contacts and SMS messages

– A selfie is required. This is to be taken in the app.

How Much Can You Get

9Money loan starts from 3,000 naira to a maximum loan amount of 50,000 naira. First-time users of the app are not granted the 50k, but the amount loan to a user increases with regular loan payments on the app and with no outstanding loan to pay on other loan app networks. Age is also a determining factor in how much an individual gets.

9Money Interest rate

The interest rate is 0.5%

But the loan app also charges a service rate on every monthly loan, which is between 6% and 24%.

9Money Loan term

The loan term is between 30 days to 90 days.

How To Repay 9Money loan

It automatically debits from your Nigeria bank account on the loan’s due date.

9Money Head office

You can only reach 9Money through their service agents online by email, call, or WhatsApp.

9Money Customer Care

+2348135493037 ( both calls and WhatsApp)

9Money App

The app is only available for Android users; you can download it in the Google play store.

9Money Website

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